Surviving Colic



Thank you to all who contributed to sharing how they survived colic. I hope you will find ideas and comfort here. This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission. 




Katie said: “Time. Knowing it was a season, knowing that all babies cry and they’re okay.”


Do What Works


Sallie said:  “Hang in there…my first was an easy, baby wise compliant baby but my second was anything but. Do what works in this season. Study your baby. You will see what he/she needs from you, do that. Lots of baby wearing, swing sleeping (if you call it sleep), and standing swaying. I tried to stick to a regular breastfeeding schedule and the sleep and crying part eventually worked its self out. My boy sleeps wonderful for naps and at night now. It’s rough but it won’t last forever, even though it feels like it will” 


Jessica said: “Moby wrap, rocking chair and singing…and an iPad to read one once she fell asleep on me!” 


Katie said: “Letting them do some crying on their own when I couldn’t take it anymore. The swing for naps if they’d take it. Swaddling of course. Extra feeds sometimes.”


Hiring/Accepting Help


Katie said: “Hiring mother’s helpers for cleaning, watching other kids whenever I could”


Ellen said: “Asking for help! Having babysitters just so momma can get out of house for couple hours. Now he’s 2 1/2 and that seems like a thing of the very distant past. Hate being away from him now.”


Treating Gas and Reflux


Jennifer said: “Probiotics, tummy massage for gas, Zantac for silent reflux and doing what you need to get them to sleep!(swaddle, rocking, sound machine, keeping upright, holding them, sshing, dark room)”


Kim said: “My son is 11 weeks old and we just got over the hump of dealing with colic. Our two lifesavers were gripe water and Gerber Soothe Colic probiotic drops. We found out later that he has reflux and issues with dairy. He is now on medication and a hypo-allergenic formula and is like a different babe! Hang in there, mamas!”


Sherri said: “Laying him on tummy or across arm on tummy can also help move gas…..hang in there, mom, he’ll grow out of it in a few months.”


Alyssa said: “Get a baby carrier and use GERD meds if applicable.” 


Amanda said: “Swaddling, Zantac for reflux, & Nutramigen formula”


Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water is my favorite!


Maintain Schedule/Pattern/Routine as Best You Can


Jennifer said: “Also, keeping the eat/play/sleep cycle helps as well. Even if they are crying straight through the play and sleep cycles, they are learning that when it is light they are awake and when it is dark it is time to sleep. I believe this helped our little guy have good sleep habits once the colic period ended.”


Carrie said: “I’ve had two babies now with reflux and the best advice I have is to follow the routine of EWS instead of a schedule by the clock. Sometimes smaller, more frequent meals feel better on the tummy.”


Sarah said: “Walking with baby tightly wrapped in Moby, gas drops, Zantac, maintaining an eating schedule as Jennifer said.”




Tiffany said: “My first had severe colic. 

It didn’t go away until she was 6 months old… after being treated by a chiropractor.”


Food Changes


Ashley said: “ If breastfeeding, an elimination diet. If formula, change it.”


Misty said: “Diet diet diet!!!! Colic Ease off amazon, moby wrap, swaddled, my third we finally figured out she wanted a super early bed time 6:30 and then no dream feed plus no dairy or high acid foods. Usually diet is causing the reflux so meds are just bandaid for underlying problem”




Savannah said: “Colic-Calm works really well! And lots of baby wearing!”


Melissa said: “ A combination of things: outside support, the 5 S’s, essential oils, and something called colic calm.”


Rebekkah said: “Probiotics! Colic is often a yeast infection in the gut!”


Emilie said: “ Probiotics! Gerber soothe is magic!!!” Find it here: Gerber Soothe Colic Drops


Jeanine said: “DigestZen essential oil!”


Vaneska said: “Baby wearing, probiotics, bouncing on a Swiss ball, incline crib,”


Lindsey said: “Colic calm! Cluster feeding, outside time, baby wearing.”


Beth said: “ I agree! Colic calm and baby wearing saved us. And, ASK FOR HELP!”


Bowen Treatments


David said: “Bowen treatments worked, only 1-3 sessions. too long to explain what it is, but really, look it up, its amazing.”




Catalina said: “My kid slept in a swing for 5 months!”


Alyssa said: “Also establishing daily alone swing time from the start. Calmest 20 minutes of my day.” 




Good Advice


Shea said: “This is @Shea ‘Sims’ Moses here- my 2nd daughter suffered through this severely. If I could go back and tell myself some helpful tips I would say 1. Be consistent with feeds and wake times to the best of your ability, but forget all the other rules. Whatever comforts the baby during this time, do it. 2. It will end, and the consistency you provide will be helpful in getting a “late” full start on babywise once this time has passed. 3. They can still be happy infants. It may take longer for them to understand and comply with routine, but it does happen!!” 


Savannah said: “Colic calm works really well! And lots of baby wearing!”


Lydia said: “Accepting help!

Moby wrap

And letting housework go for a bit”


Jennifer said: “I want to second the iPad or some kind of device easy to read in the dark! I also listened to podcasts when rocking for what seemed like hours at a time ”




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