23 Moms Share Their Babywise Success!

The Babywise method is a fantastic way to help your baby sleep through the night, but it is so much more than just sleep!

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Find out why these 23 different moms love Babywise. You will see that Babywise is not bad and you will be excited to start Babywise with your own family!

Babywise Success Stories

Lissa said:

I’m out of the “baby”-wise stage as my kids are currently 4,5,8, and 10; but I still love babywise!

March 2020 my then 1st and 3rd graders, like most kids around the country, were sent home from school. The new school year rolled around and while my kids’ private school was and remained open for the 2020-2021 school year, masks were a requirement.

We decided to homeschool again for this past school year and I resigned from my part time RN job to stay home. This was a whole new thing for our family, but the day to day structure was not!

We just added homeschooling to our daily structure and it went great! All fall I’d been having headaches when I moved quickly and in November I got an MRI which showed a brain tumor. So went to Seattle to have that removed and then home to recover. Through all this my kids slept at various houses and did great. I came home and was able to continue homeschooling for the rest of the year.

Long and short of it…these habits that you build as babies stay just as important as they grow! It allows you to vacation as a family, sneak away for a couples weekend, or totally change the way your house runs with stability. My in-laws never mind my kids sleeping over cause they listen and they sleep! Keep up the effort-it’s so worth it!


Lucy said…

My baby is 10 weeks old today and he is sleeping 10-11 hours at night. My husband and I have time to talk and hang out in the evenings, instead of feeling like we have to rush to sleep while he is sleeping. We aren’t scared at bedtime wondering how long it’s going to last. 

From Instagram:

Independent play was a game changer.

From Instagram:

My son has reflux, he requires lots of patience. BW helps me stay sane!

From Instagram:

Had 2 under 2 confidently (well…confidently as anyone could) because we used Babywise with both!

From Instagram:

I do Babywise because I’m a doctor and had to go back to work as a high-functioning professional at 6 weeks, and I needed to be well rested. By 6 weeks, my baby was sleeping 6-8 hours each night, and it was such a success.

Lacey said…

My girl has never been a sleeper, she’s never required a lot of sleep even as a newborn & it took both her & my 7 month old a minute to sleep through the night. Baby Wise totally saved my sleep with her! She’s 2 now & she sleeps through the whole night, waits for me to come get her from waking up, & she has a 2 hour nap/quiet time everyday. I get told a lot she’s so well behaved & happy & I credit a lot of that to having a well rested child 🤍

From Instagram:

Both kids were sleeping through the night by 12 weeks!

Lauren said:

Goodness, what’s not to love about Babywise? I have two Babywise babies that have done babywise since the beginning, and I’ve never had to be a “mombie” (zombie mom) because we all get independent sleep!

I don’t have to wonder if my baby is eating enough in the day. I don’t have to wonder if they’re getting enough sleep. Talk about a load off! I also can discern much more easily when there truly is a problem.

If my baby was a consistent eater/sleeper and all of a sudden they aren’t, I can begin troubleshooting from a place of confidence that I know her patterns and know what is “normal” for her. The peace of mind that all of this affords is understated.

A rested baby makes a happy baby, and happy babies are much less clingier and much more willing to explore their world and play independently. Both of my kids have an incredible ability to focus on one thing for longer than would be expected for their ages (3 and 1) and they have a greater capacity to learn obedience since their underlying needs of food and sleep are consistently met.

What a JOY to parent Babywise babies. I can’t wait to add some more to the crew!

Ashley North said…

It’s not so much that I love babywise, it’s me trying to think of what I don’t love about babywise!!

Babywise since day 1, where I would wake him up to make sure he didn’t sleep longer than 2 1/2-3hrs. He responded to a routine immediately, and within the first week I started getting compliments of what a good baby he was and how he barely cried. He barely cried because all of his needs were met and he didn’t need to!

Now he’s 8 weeks old, and started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks. He’s the cutest, happiest baby and everywhere we go we get compliments on what a good baby he is.

Due to the routine, we have been able to not only meet his needs, but anticipate them. Our 8 week old still barely cries and is such a joy to be around.

Now we’re getting parents telling us to just wait until the other shoe drops, even though they were saying that we wouldn’t be prepared when we were taking the prep for parenting course.

It’s been 8 weeks of wonder and love instead of nonstop suffering (sooo many people told us it would be that way) and we attribute that completely to babywise. We love our babywise baby!

Jessie said…

I listen to my mom friends talk about how their toddlers wake up in the middle of the night or how they would love one nights’ sleep and I just sit there and listen horrified at what non-Babywise moms experience.

From Instagram:

Babywise works great with my little one! We started the eat/play/sleep routine quickly after getting home from the hospital. My baby is now 18 weeks old and sleeping through the night and consistently getting three, two hour naps per day! On top of that, earlier this week I took a look in my babywise book to figure out the next merge. To my surprise, I realized that my 18 week year old completed this merge automatically! Babywise has been such a blessing to our family.

Nicole said…

Not sure it’s anything I’m actually doing, but my week and a half old has been giving me solid 2-3 hours of sleep during the night sleeping independently in the bassinet!

Alexa said…

Both of my children are “Babywised”. One is now 5 and one is 3. My eldest daughter was much easier than my son-he had medical problems that were constantly throwing wrenches in our plans and schedules but we stayed as consistent as we could.

To this day the habits that were instilled as infants and toddlers through Babywise have carried through their little lives. Everything has just now morphed into what is age-appropriate for them and it’s how we run our life without really thinking about it.

I believe so much of their fun, happy demeanor is because they are comfortable in knowing how our days flow (for the most part of course).

My favorite benefits are that they are both still great sleepers, they pretty much put themselves to bed and will even take naps on their own accord when they’re tired. They’re confident and self-assured. They are very good eaters at mealtimes too! Always a bonus! It also has engrained a HUGE love of reading for them as that was always in our bedtime routine since birth. Just so many benefits as we’ve stuck with the Babywise/Toddlerwise/Preschoolwise methods of parenting.

Erin said…

Success – We’d seen the success of Babywise work for many of our friends and when we adopted our baby girl we knew that’s the way we wanted to go. At four months she was sleeping through the night and takes naps without props.

Since she sleeps, we sleep (Yay!, which makes for happier parents). She just turned a year old and likes sleeping with her stuffed “kitty” now. She is thriving on her routines and is a happy, well-adjusted pre-toddler. Thank you to our friends for introducing us to Babywise.

Cassie said…

Babywise success story- so many of my friends have used babywise and I’m one of the last among them to raise a baby. A friend of mine recommended your blog when we adopted our daughter and the step-by-step support and “fleshing out” of all the concepts talked about in the book has been a godsend. Following eat-wake-sleep as a newborn and eventually working her into a schedule has made for a really pleasant and happy baby! Even the daycare teachers were wowed at how great it was to have a baby on a schedule and how happy it made her seem! So thankful!

Blair said…

I absolutely credit the babywise method as the reason we have had a successful sleeper on our first family trip. The airplane is a wild card- tried to feed and sleep in roughly the same schedule, but it was survival mode. The real success has been since we’ve been here. She knows what to expect and so do we. It has helped us to be able to get out with her, take her swimming for the first time, do family photographs at the crack of dawn, semi-stress free. We know her routine and cues, and she knows we will create a good environment for her to rest. I was so nervous, but she has slept through the night every night except the first, but we only had little yelps and squirms, she didn’t full on cry,and she was able to put herself back down when she was ready for another sleep cycle. She is even sleeping a little later than her usual DWT, but that’s probably because she is so worn out from super stimulating wake windows.

Bottom line, BabyWise allowed my family to focus on memories, rather than worry about if the baby is okay. Did she have enough to eat, did she nap, did WE get enough sleep to have a good day. She is thriving and growing in so many wonderful way before our very eyes on this trip.

Madi said…

Babywise successes!
I have 4.5, 2.5 and 3 months. They’re all babywise babies from birth. One of the babywise principles I use the most is training in times of non-conflict!

This has helped me direct behavior in positive ways and, combined with “ask and tell,” has helped avoid meltdowns and keep the atmosphere positive, setting us all up for success.

For babies, I love the PDF (parent directed feeding) and the emphasis BW puts on the parent being educated and confident with food and sleep. It’s such a relief to have some guidance and confidence in the early months when everything can feel so unknown. Knowing the baby has full feeds, understanding their sleep cues and wake times makes things go so smoothly.

Angela said:

Almost 2 year old has been a great sleeper as we did BW since day one! It has been a gift!

And now baby #2 is also sleeping 11 hours every night at 3.5 months and takes good naps, too!

Let It Be Cute said…

We used babywise principles since day 1 so honestly, it can’t tell whether it is my daughter who is just a super easy child or that these principles work very well, lol 😂

She is a very good sleeper, eats basically everything, very content and happy toddler ❤️

We are expecting our second child so we will see how it goes.

My husband keeps telling me that we need more “points of reference” to arrive at the conclusion that it works 😋 The more children you have the harder it would be to say that it’s just a coincidence. Right now many people say that she is just an easy child. Hope, babywise will work with our second baby so we’ll as well!

I personally think that if not babywise, our first-time parents ride would be much rougher.

Lacey said…

I absolutely credit BabyWise to the fact that I have 2 under 2 & I’m not an absolute zombie 😂 my 7 month old sleeps through the night, it took us awhile but we got it! We went on vacation for a week & they knew what to expect with our schedule which made everything so much easier! I get told often that she’s so happy & content & I credit a lot of that to having a well-rested & fed baby 🤍

Jessica said…

Hard to say this is a “success” but Babywise means that even when my kids are sick, they still sleep (except when they have RSV, apparently) but just a few nights of no sleep with a sick kid makes me so grateful that this is the exception, not the rule, and that when the sickness has passed sleep will return!

Logan said…

With my first born, I had no idea what I was doing. We were 2 weeks in with having him cry endlessly, no sleep at all, we were so sleep deprived & could hardly function. A friend suggested babywise and that’s when I found your blog. It taught me so much and literally turned everything around. We started with just more of a flexible routine & my baby went from being so grouchy to being the most chill and happy kid you’ve ever met. By 8 weeks he was sleeping through the night and still does.

My second son, I started from day one and he’s always been the best sleeper/ most flexible baby. It’s amazing how a simple rhythm can be life changing for you and baby. I tell everyone about your blog and all how simple it is to have rhythms for you kiddos. I love your blog as it’s been such an amazing resource for me!

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