9 Great Things About Babywise

Is Babywise worth it? YES! Read what these 9 different moms had to say about their success with On Becoming Babywise.

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Each summer, I like to get some input from parents using Babywise. I want to know what their successes are. As you go through the hard days (they happen) and wonder if things will really work for your baby or not, it is always helpful to hear from other parents who say YES! It is worth it.

I love the variety in the responses here.

Great Things About Babywise

Summer said: It is amazing how things turned out exactly as the books describe them. So much wisdom in there.

Autumn said: We had 5 babies in 6.5 years and the only thing that’s kept us sane is the fact that they’re amazing sleepers. Using Babywise sleep strategies, they’ve all started sleeping 12 hours through the night between 10 and 14 weeks old. I’ve always felt the gift of good sleep was the best gift I could give to my babies (and ourselves!) and Babywise helped us do that. I will forever sing the praises!

Miranda said: Every single person that meets mine says I have a dream baby and is amazed at how well he goes down for naps and his disposition during the day. Family even ask does he ever cry? It’s all thanks to babywise and the consistency for the first 8 weeks.

Kayla said: My oldest daughter took to Babywise pretty much immediately (sleeping through the night by 8 weeks). My second really struggled for the first 15/16 weeks (was still waking up at least once a night) and I was convinced that Babywise just wasn’t going to work for her. But we stuck with it and she is now a pro sleeper (naps and nights) at 8 months! Just took her a little longer to catch on. Consistency is key and babies will learn eventually if you stick with it!

Christine said: I did Babywise with both of my kids. My first slept through the night starting at 8 weeks, never had to cry it out. My second didn’t sleep through the night until 6 months but she only woke to eat and went right back to sleep. Again, no crying it out.

The biggest success to me, though, was that my daughter was about 4 years old when she got stuck in a neighbor’s bathroom for 45 minutes. They were talking to her through the door and passed tools to her to help get the knob off so she could come out. They were impressed with how calm she was the whole time. I later asked her how she could be so calm and she told me, “I knew you guys would come get me if I needed you to.” Reading some parenting forums had me second-guessing myself sometimes when I was doing Babywise that my kids would feel less secure. She taught me that she was perfectly secure and confident.

Julianna said: Just wanted to share. My baby was born early with growth restriction (only 4.5 lbs when we brought her home), so I wondered how we were going to use babywise. It does work, and now at 3 months she is a good sleeper! I used the 4 s’s from day one, and to take into account her size, expected her schedules to be a month behind what the book says. She still needs one feed in the MTTN, as she’s so small, but is on track to STTN.

Allison said: My little guy is sleeping through the night with no need for our intervention

Elita said: My 9 month old has slept through the night consistently for over a week now. Thank you all for the help!

Loren said: Baby #2 is finally sleeping through the night! After weeks of troubleshooting we finally started consistently sleeping through the night at 21 weeks! It felt like forever, and so much later than it was “supposed” to happen, until I realized it was only 3 weeks longer than it took my first to sleep through the night. That realization made me realize I probably could have been calmer about it 😆 but hooray for babywise working once again!


Babywise is worth it now AND in the future. Your efforts now will pay off in baby years, toddler years, and even teen years.

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9 great things about Babywise

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