So Many Reasons to Love the Babywise Method!

There are many benefits to using the Babywise Method. Sleep is an obvious benefit, but that is just one of many perks! Read for more!

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There are so many benefits to Babywise. I have shared 5 big reasons I love Baby Wise here.

Some big benefits of using On Becoming Babywise include:

  • Baby sleeping through the night. You can get 7-8 hours with newborns. You work up to 10-12 hours by the time your baby is coming out of the newborn stage.
  • Predictable days. Your baby will get a predictable routine, which means you know what to expect. You knew when your baby will eat and sleep. That means you can work around baby’s needs when planning appointments and lunch dates with friends. This also makes it easier for you to get out of the house without your baby for date night or even just grocery shopping alone.
  • Independent sleep. Your baby will learn to fall sleep ALONE. Without the rocking, bouncing, and sneaking out of the room. You just put baby in bed and walk away.
  • A happy baby. Since baby is fed regularly, baby isn’t crying for food. Since baby gets predictable naps, baby isn’t fussy from overtiredness. When baby is awake, she is happy.
  • Independent baby. Your baby learns to be comfortable in his own company. That means you do not have to entertain him every minute of every day. The benefits of this skill last well beyond babyhood and into adulthood.
  • Baby learns self-control. The tenets of Babywise lead to baby who starts to learn self-control. This continues on into the toddler years and beyond. It culminates in a school-aged child with patience and self-control, and with teenagers who can meter their strong emotional roller coasters and be kinder to those around them.

For many years, I have been sharing Babywise success stories from readers of this blog. It is one thing to hear from me over and over why the Babywise method works well. It is another to hear from lots of parents!

Remember Reading Rainbow? Don’t just take my word for it…

You can look back through my blog in July each year and see many, many Babywise success stories. It really does work. It is work, but it is worth the work.

Babywise Benefits from Real Moms

I always love to see what people have to say each year. Here are the benefits shared by readers. These benefits are timeless. They were benefits 20 years ago and continue to be benefits today!

I’ve done BW with all 4 very unique boys, and each one was sleeping through the night by 8-9 weeks!! And now, with a bit more experience, my (youngest) 20 week old is sleeping 12 hours at night…and has been for a while now! Daytime sleep is also wonderful now, after months of struggling!!

The blessing that babywise, and infant sleep/routine has been to the whole family is indescribable! I give God the glory for bringing this into our lives and granting me success with each one of our kids!

I’m SO beyond thankful this came into our lives at the beginning of parenthood- our marriage, relationship, and relationships with others are better for it! Because of having a predictable routine, I can even be there for friends and family, and do all God has called me to do.

I could go on and on about all the benefits this parenting style has provided, but you can’t fully grasp it unless you’ve lived it. And to top it all off, we have had HAPPY, very content babies who turn into big kids with excellent sleep habits.

Tiffany H.

My sister did BW with her two children years ago, so I knew when I was pregnant with my first that BW was something I wanted to implement.

My first daughter was sleeping dreamfeed to 6:30 AM by 6 1/2 weeks and by 3.5 months she was sleeping 12 hours straight at night. She is almost 2 now and has always just been laid in bed wide awake, falls asleep on her own, and sleeps like a champ. She even stays in her bed peacefully when she wakes early in the morning or from naps.

I’m now doing BW with my second daughter at 5 weeks and remembering to stay consistent and that it will all come together eventually. She’s down to only one night feed and sleeps great most nights.

Cortney L.

Brother and sister starting to get along and play! Both kids, 1 & 3, sleep 12 hours at night and 2 hour naps. Both very intelligent!

Ashley N.

My kids used great manners at a family event and someone texted to tell us they noticed 🙂

Dawn W.

Toddler sleeps 12-13 hours at night!

Catherine F.

I love Babywise, of all the parenting and baby books that I read, Babywise has been the most helpful. I have also read all the other books in this series. These books have given us so many ideas and tips for raising healthy and happy babies and children. My children have thrived since using Babywise. I love Babywise, and would highly recommend it to all parents.


Babywise has been the biggest blessing for our family.

When I had my first, I didn’t realize that babies wouldn’t just automatically nap when they were tired.

Once we were introduced to Babywise, our entire life changed. My baby started sleeping and thrived on having a routine. He started sleeping through the night at 7 weeks and never looked back.

Even now at 2.5 years old, he still takes excellent naps and sleeps wonderfully at night. I give all the credit to Babywise. With my second, I didn’t even have to formally sleep train him, thanks to Babywise.

We implemented eat, wake, sleep cycles from the day he was born & kept a close eye on wake windows. With all the tools I learned from Babywise, he was able to put himself to sleep without ever having to do cry it out or any other sleep training method.

Our whole family thrives since everyone is able to get good, restorative sleep. It also helps our day to day life go more smoothly since I am able to know approximately when my children are going to need sleep and I am able to plan around that.

Lucy K.

Are you ready to give Babywise a try? Start here with How To Successfully Do “On Becoming Babywise”. Questions? You can always ask questions in the comments!

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