Fun Card Games for the Whole Family

25 card games to play with your family. You will be able to find a fun card game for any budget on this list! Find card games ranging from $5-25.

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We love to play games as a family. We have a tradition to play a game together each Sunday. We take turns with who gets to choose the game that week and we all happily play the game that was chosen (that is the rule at our house–be a good sport about the game!).

I have written about fun games for the whole family with a younger family focus. I also have a great list of educational and fun games for toddlers and preschoolers. I have a post with our top games to play as a family.

Why Buy Card Games

Today I wanted to focus on card games. Card games have a lot of benefits. The first benefit is that they are typically inexpensive, or at least on the lower end of price for games. I think that would be appreciated right now.

Another benefit is that card games typically have a wide range of the number of people who need and can play the game. A card game can be fun with just two people or with six people.

Card games are small, so you can own more card games and store them in a smaller space. They also make great Easter Basket stuffers or stocking stuffers for that reason.

They are also very portable, so they are great to take on vacation or to a soccer tournament.

25 card games for kids

Card Games $10 or Less

Here are our favorite card games that are under ten dollars. I won’t comment on all of them. I will put them in order of least expensive to most, but keep in mind that prices can and do change over time.

All of the games outlined in my lists below are games we own and games we play with our children regularly and enjoy. The last section is for fun games we own but have not yet played with our kids.

Farkle Flip

Farkle Flip is a card game version of the game Farkle dice. This is a new game for us, so I don’t have a lot of experience, but it is fun! 5.39

UNO Dare

UNO Dare is a fun game with a group. It would not be as fun with just a couple of people. 5.39


Rook is a classic game many of us will have played as children. 5.39

Monopoly Deal

It is no secret that I am not a fan of the game Monopoly, but Monopoly deal is a lot of fun! Kailtyn and I played it with another family at a soccer tournament and enjoyed it so much I came right home and ordered it from Amazon. It is similar to Monopoly but MUCH FASTER. 7.38

Rage Card Game

Rage is a new game for us. It is fast-paced and fun. 7.82

Spot It!

Spot it! is a fast moving game that is challenging. It is like speed, but more complicated. Something fun about Spot It! is that they make specialized games, so there is a Frozen version, an NFL version, a fairy tales version…you can find something you love. 7.99

Skip Bo

Skip Bo is one of my favorite card games and one I have played since I was a kid. This is a fun one with just one other person and also fun with a group. 8.90

UNO Flip!

UNO FLIP! is an excellent twist on the game UNO. This is our favorite version of UNO right now. The deck is two sided, and at any moment, you can need to flip your hand and the deck over, which totally messes with your plans. 8.9

Phase 10

Phase 10 is one of my favorite card games and another one that goes back to my childhood. This game is a time investment, so do not start it unless you have time for it. 8.9

Sleeping Queens

Sleeping Queens is a must-own card game for the elementary-aged kids. It is a game your little ones will enjoy but you will have fun playing, also. 9.77


UNO Dos is a fun twist on the original UNO game if you like the lane UNO is in but want some variety. 9.99

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza sounds like it is going to be super weird, but it is a lot of fun. We got it for Christmas. I went out on a limb in getting it because it sounds weird, but it has such great reviews. We have played it with 2 people and 12 people and in between and it is a blast with any size! Right now, it is super expensive. We did not spend more than $10 for this, so do not overpay.

Card games for the whole family

Gard Games $10-20

Here are our favorite card games that are in the 10-20 dollar range. I won’t comment on all of them. I will put them in order of least expensive to most, but keep in mind that prices can and do change over time.


Krypto was one of my husband’s favorite game as a child. this is a math game, so any math lovers in your house will love it (I do not love it!). 10.49


Blink is a game of speed. This is a great game to play if you do not have a lot of time. 11.77


Rack-o is a fun, simple game that can be played quickly. It is fun with two, four, or three players. This is a game that requires number estimations and paying attention. 13.59

Cover Your A$$ests

Cover Your A$$ets is a super fun game created by Grandpa Beck’s. You will see several games from this company on this list. This game is really fun, simple to play, and yet requires some strategy. This has been a huge hit in our house. 14.99

Skull King

Skull King is probably the collective family favorite game right now. This is another Grandpa Beck’s game and a card game with strategy to it. There is a fair amount of luck, also. The game is similar to Hearts. 14.99


Pit is a total riot. Our family loves to play this game. You do need a group of people, and it can get loud, but it is a lot of crazy fun. It is designed to mimic trading on the stock market. 14.99


Ligretto is one of my very favorite games! It is a game of speed. It is similar to Nertz or Blitz if you have ever played those. Take note that you need one card set per player. This set I have linked has four sets, so you could play with four players. They have other sets you can buy to add on players. 18.30

Card Games $20 and Over

Here are our favorite card games that are $20 and over. I won’t comment on all of them. I will put them in order of least expensive to most, but keep in mind that prices can and do change over time.


KinderBunnies is one of our favorite games at our house. We have played this for years. If you are familiar with Killer Bunnies, this is the “jr” version of that game. There were a few years you couldn’t get this game, so I would recommend getting it while you can! 20

Antiquity Quest

Antiquity Quest is another Grandpa Beck’s game. It is a card game requiring strategy, which is rare and fun. Most of the Grandpa Beck’s games are that way. This one is more expensive, but can have up to 8 players, so that is a huge perk. This game is similar to the game Hand and Foot if you are familiar with that. 24.99

Bears vs Babies

Bears vs Babies is another Grandpa Beck’s game. This one is a little more random. I don’t love this game, but Brinley is obsessed with it. So check it out and see if you think your family might enjoy it. 24.99

Other Fun Card Games

These are card games we find fun, but haven’t played them with our children yet. So they are fun options, but I can’t guarantee they will be great for a family.


That concludes our current list of favorite card games. I would love to hear if you have favorites that aren’t on the list! I hope you find something in this list that is fun for your family to play with each other.

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