Brayden Preteen Summary {11-11.25 Years Old}

This is a summary for Brayden for the first 3 months as an 11 year old. 


Eating is great and normal. Food intakes have been normal. One interesting thing is that he has recently started eating a lot at certain events. He will eat to the point that he is overly full and uncomfortable. I find this very interesting. Adults do that a lot. Thanksgiving, the Super Bowl….any time there is a lot of delicious food, we will often overeat. My kids never have. Only in the last month has Brayden started to do that if it is at an event where food is plentiful and delicious. 


I shared last time that Brayden was having stress every so often about falling asleep. This continued on during this time period even though it was summer. He would worry about falling asleep quickly, and if he didn’t fall asleep within 10-20 minutes of going to bed, he would stress out. 

We talked logically about the situation. What would be the worst thing that would happen if you couldn’t fall asleep for a long time? You would be tired in the morning. He understood on a logical level, but it didn’t help at night when the anxiety kicked in. 

We talked about praying and thinking about other things to help him not stress. About halfway through this period, my mom talked to him about it. She basically said the same things we had been saying, but for some reason it clicked with him when she said it. Ever since then, he has been fine and been able to manage any worry without a problem. 

This is a good example of using your village. As children get older, they will listen to people other than dad more and more. Having people who can be a source of strength to your child is so valuable.


This time was basically all summer. School ended during this time, and ended great. It also began, and the beginning was good.

Summer was a good time. He is a very service-oriented person and would often just see something that needed to be done, like the dishes, and just do it. He has his normal chores he is over and he is very responsible with those, but he also took on additional tasks. 

An excited chore he took on this summer was the chore of mowing the lawn. This was very helpful for my husband because he has been working on building our addition on our home and having Brayden mow the lawn opened up his time. 

Brayden continued swim team through the summer. He did a few golf camps. He loves golfing and really enjoyed his golf camps. 


Brayden has always been a great big brother. He is a great example, which is helpful in so many ways. Younger children really look up to their older siblings, so for him to be a good example helps sent a right precedent in our home. 

He was extra helpful this summer with Brinley and her swimming. I have shared how she had a hard time and would cry through lessons. Brayden decided to get involved and try to get her to be okay with lessons and with putting her face in the water. She views him as the authority on swimming in our home, which is justified, so she would listen to him. He would observe her and give her pointers, which helped. He also promised to save her if she sunk, which was good enough for her. He really helped her turn a corner. 


This is his summer schedule:

7 AM–Wake up and read

8 AM–Swim team practice

9 AM–Eat breakfast and get ready. Do any chores needed.


12:30 PM–Free time

5:00 PM–Dinner then family time

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