Kaitlyn Preteen Summary: 11.25 Years Old

Eleven year old preteen girl information. Schedule, extra curricular activities, and more.

11 year old Kaitlyn

This is a summary for Kaitlyn from 11 years old to 11.25 years old.


Everything is the same with Kaitlyn for eating. If you don’t know, Kaitlyn is my most particular eater of my children. Brayden and McKenna eat anything anytime and love a variety of flavors. Brinley is usually the same, but has her moments (usually when she really wants to get back to playing). Kaitlyn had reflux as a baby and has always been more sensitive about her foods. She does not love many, many foods. 

That doesn’t mean we give her a pass, though. I have never required that she eat foods that exacerbate heartburn, but I do require a varied diet. She eats that variety even if she doesn’t love it. I thinks she would live on pasta, bread, rice, and the occasional fruit if I let her. We don’t have battles at all; she just doesn’t love many foods.


Sleeping is great! If you know about Kaitlyn, you know she likes to sleep. A lot. This summer, she had soccer practice that started at 7:00 AM twice a week and soccer practice she helped with that started at the same time two other days a week. She usually left around 6:30 AM. She did great with that. It makes me more hopeful for when she moves to the middle school schedule in a year. 


A big thing that happened for Kaitlyn was the Wellsville Mile. This is a mile race with most of the elementary schools from our district (I can’t remember how many come…7-11…). It was all of the fifth graders this year. She did awesome! She worked so hard and got her best time ever, taking 7th. 


During this time, Kaitlyn did soccer, piano, a rock climbing camp, swimming, and she started showing miniature horses. 

She had some upheaval in the soccer and piano department.

For piano, her teacher moved away, so we had to find a new one. This was so stressful for me! We really had the best setup with our teacher living a few minutes away and willing to teach lessons before school.

Brayden needed to move teachers anyway, and needed a more advanced teacher. More on his piano in his summary next week.

So I was left trying to find a piano teacher for the three girls. I made a list of every teacher in town, then started calling. Teacher after teacher was already full, and our teacher had 30 students! So lots of students and no teachers to take them. By some miracle, the last teacher I contacted (this took a week or two to finally connect with each person) had two slots open! Yay! It wasn’t three, but it was better than zero. Kaitlyn and McKenna started with her (Brayden is teaching Brinley). 

She lives a little further than our other teacher, but not much further. It is probably a 6 minute drive instead of 3. She is really nice and my girls have loved her. So the change has been smooth. 

With soccer, Kaitlyn’s team that she had been with since second grade ended up splitting up. Their age group was moving to needing more players on the field and they had several girls move, so they didn’t have enough to keep the team together. It was sad and still is sad for them. They were all very close and had played together for a long time. 

The silver lining is they were all able to move to the same club together and are on two different teams (long story, but they had players from two different age groups playing on the same team because age lines changed after their team was already formed). So they are about half and half. She has had to get to know new teammates and a new coach. Change can be fun but it can be hard, also. Another big change is her soccer coach spotted her playing goalie for fun one day and wants her to give it a try officially. She had a season at goalie, but felt a lot of pressure and stopped. So this will be interesting.

So two big changes with two big things in her life. 

Kaitlyn picked up  showing miniature horses this summer. She has loved that. She absolutely loves miniature horses. 

Kaitlyn has passed off all swimming skills for a couple of years now, but each summer, I have her swim with our swim teacher (both she and McKenna) to keep skills sharp. They are both always a little rough the first couple of weeks but look good by the end of summer. 


Kaitlyn has changed quite a bit during this time period. I think you will see that in her video below. She is definitely growing up physically. Her hands are bigger than mine and her feet are longer than mine. She is still shorter than I am, but I could see that changing in the next year or two. 



Part of this period was during school, but most was summer. Here was a typical summer day for her.

6:00 AM wake up and get ready for soccer

9:00 AM back from soccer 

Sample summer schedule

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