Brayden Summary: 12.25 Years Old

This summary covers the summer for Brayden. He is now a quarter of the way into being 12. He had a lot of new events this summer in his life. At the end of it, he started middle school, which is a whole different new activity. I think there will probably be big changes over the course of this year. I have observed that when children get into middle school, they start growing up quickly.

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Eating is the same. He eats the same amounts and eats well. 


Sleeping is great  There is nothing new to report here.


This summer, Brayden did swim team and piano lessons. We have traditionally taken the summer off for piano, but he really enjoys it and opted to do that instead of any sort of summer camp.


Brayden is now in Boy Scouts and attended his first week-long camping trip this summer. He had fun, but definitely came home fully exhausted. The craziest part of this trip was that we had gone camping as a family right before this. He got home at 5 PM one evening and left at 6 AM the next morning. Then he was home for two days before we left for New York City for 8 days. He was away from home a lot. He is an introvert and loves his time at home. We talked about this three week span for a couple of months prior to get him mentally prepared. That definitely helped  because he is one who really benefits from thinking things through before they happen. He was my child more than any other who did best with a five minute warning before an activity changed or naptime started. 


Nate’s parents do something fun. When each grandchild turns 12, they take him/her on a vacation. This summer, Brayden went with one of his cousins on his 12 year old trip. They went to California for a week. He had a lot of fun there! So since Brayden spent time in California this summer and time in New York this summer, I tell him he went from sea to shining sea. 


One weird thing happened this summer. Brayden has never enjoyed shopping for clothes. It is TORTURE for him! But this summer, when it came time to go shopping, he was actually…happy?!? Excited! He enjoyed it. He commented on how it was actually fun. It was so odd. But it was nice to have him actually enjoying the experience. He said he wanted to look nice so the teachers would know he is serious and a good student. 


For the summer, he had more of a pattern than a schedule.

He got up, usually around 7 AM because that is just how he has always been. He would get ready and do his chores. He would practice piano. We had lunch at lunch time. He had swim team in the afternoon. We would have dinner. He would go to bed around 9 PM.

In his spare time, he would mostly be with friends or his sisters, read, or build LEGOs. 

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