McKenna Preteen Summary: 12.25 Years Old

Daily life and schedule for a 12.25 year old tween girl. Learn about common concerns that come up with the preteen age group. This covers 12 years old through 12 years, 3 months old.

12 year old McKenna at a dude ranch holding a hat to her face

This is a summary for McKenna from 12 to 12.25 years old. One thing to note is that it is common for kids this age to have attitude issues going on. McKenna does not at this point yet.


Sleep is great for McKenna! McKenna loves her sleep and sleeps well. She recently got this weighted blanket (12 pounds) and loves it! All three of the older kids got one.


Her eating is good and all normal. Nothing of note to share.

INJURY (again)

Yep. McKenna broke her foot.

This was the opposite foot. It was a different type of break. This one healed faster than the last one and she was in a boot for just shy of 7 weeks. She is pretty nervous she will break a bone again. It has been a rough year with the broken bones!


We spent the last few months going back and forth with the allergist about her vaccinations. It was a bad time of year (spring) to be trying to deal with the allergist and this spring was one of the worst ever for allergies. So I spent a lot of time waiting for responses.

In the end, they wrote a letter of exemption for McKenna for her vaccinations for this school year and we will try to get things figured out this summer.


School ended well! She is now done with elementary school and I am down to having just one child in the elementary.

This summer, we will get her some makeup. So far I have let my girls get makeup for seventh grade. It is all very basic and nothing crazy. Kaitlyn only wears mascara and that is it.


McKenna is only a month into summer but it has been good so far for her! She has been to Colorado for a family reunion and Arizona for a 12 year old trip with Nate’s parents and two cousins. They went to a dude ranch. She had a lot of fun!


McKenna is still doing soccer and piano.

She has improved significantly at piano and that has helped her enjoy it more. You might remember that she told me last time that she doesn’t love piano. I told her she could quit once she could play all of the hymns in our hymn book.

She is years from that, but having that in mind gave her a goal to work toward and it has helped her get much better, which leads to enjoying it more.

A big thing that was quite stressful was soccer. Soccer tryouts were the beginning of June and of course she was in a boot and unable to try out at all. There were some big changes going on for her, too.

She was able to make the top team her age as the goalie based solely on her reputation and the recommendation of the goalie trainer. She will also be playing as a field player on another team.


McKenna still loves Keepers of the Lost Cities. Her new favorite trilogy that I haven’t shared before is Let the Sky Fall. This is for grades 7-9 and rated for 12 and older.


Here is her typical daily schedule for this time. Most of this time was during the school year.

7:00 AM-Wake up and get ready for school.
8:30 AM-Leave for school.
3:10 PM-Get home from school. Do homework if there is any. Chores, piano practice, and free time.
5:00 PM-Dinner time.
8:15 PM-Start to get ready for bed.
8:45 PM-In bed. Allowed to read before going to sleep.

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