Brayden Teen Summary: 14.75 Years Old

All about a 14.75 year old teenage boy. Teen life for a boy and a typical daily schedule and life who was raised on Babywise.

Brayden at 14.75 years old

This is a summary for Brayden from 14.5-14.75 years old. 


Eating is great! There is not a lot going on. He likes to eat. He is hungry a lot. He grows a lot. Typical teenage boy behavior.

Something food-related is that Brayden has taken to baking pies from scratch. He makes a delicious pie crust and blueberry pie.


Sleeping is good. He manages himself on his sleep. He is sure to get enough sleep and knows what he needs to feel alert the next day.


School is still great! He finished his second trimester with another 4.0. So far he has all A’s in high school. He is challenging himself and taking challenging classes. He is enjoying taking classes with juniors and seniors because they care a lot about their grades. Most kids in high school care about their grades.


Brayden finished up high school swim team and was able to go to state, which was exciting as a freshman. We felt so out of the loop–most people on the team were not there for their first time. Even the freshman almost all came from families with older siblings who had been on the team.

We just had to ask a lot of questions and it has all turned out. He really enjoyed it.


Brayden is running into the problem most high school kids find–how to narrow down activities to participate in.

Different kids can handle different levels of activity. Brayden is an introvert and really needs some time at home to recharge. He has to be careful to not overwhelm himself with activities.

But he wants to do so many things. He still is doing club swim so he can stay in shape. A lot of kids take time off between high school seasons, but Brayden wants to keep at it.

He had wanted to do the track team, but it would make swim impossible. Which would be okay. It isn’t bad to do other sports. But he would rather do swim.

He has had so many things he has planned to participate in and realized he just can’t do them all. So he is having to make hard decisions.

And that is such a fact of life! You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.

Brayden is still doing piano lessons and loves that. I would say his biggest love in life is playing the piano. He really enjoys music and playing instruments in general.

Rock Band

Brayden has joined a band and has been loving that. They are in the middle of a competition with their band. They made it through regions and multi-regions and will be headed to state! Pretty impressive for a new band. They have a lot of talent. Brayden is the keyboard.

You can see a video of their cover song in his video for this post. They are very good!

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