Kaitlyn Teen Summary: 14.75 Years Old

14.75 year old teen girl information and helps. See all about her daily life as a teen girl and get the teen schedule. 

14 year old Kaitlyn

This is the latest on Kaitlyn from 14.5-14.75 years old.


Eating is good and normal! There is nothing big or new on the eating front.


Sleeping is good with nothing new to report. Kaitlyn loves her sleep and does not like to be tired, so we don’t run into issues with her staying up late. Her dog also doesn’t let her sleep in, so even on weekends she has to get up and she keeps that in mind with going to bed.

I know she has several friends who like to stay up until 2 AM or later on weekends. I think Kaitlyn always having good sleep her whole life has led to her just avoiding that groggy, tired feeling at all costs. HA! Baby scheduling continues to pay off.

She does constantly try to figure out how to get ready faster in the morning so she can sleep in as late as possible on school days.


Things with the puppy continue to go well. In case you don’t remember, she is a Cavapoo. She is quite calm already at 8 months old. Her current vice is getting into garbage cans.

Kaitlyn continues to train her with new tricks. She also grooms the dog herself and does a really good job. You would never guess she is groomed by an amateur, much less a 14 year old.

You might remember that this is a puppy Kaitlyn had to earn the money to pay for. She also had to pay for the dog’s supplies.

We pay for her food and we split vet bills with Kaitlyn.

I also often buy the puppy treats and toys…mostly for my own sanity since I am with her all day while everyone is gone. But if there is something Kaitlyn wants in addition, she pays for it.


School is going well. Kaitlyn is enjoying school and has good friends. She is currently thinking about a spring sport and deciding between the golf team and track.


During this time, Kaitlyn continued with soccer and piano lessons. It is all good. Soccer is both a for fun indoor league and also a winter season of games. They play these games in warmer climates and do 3-4 over a couple of days.


Kaitlyn has taken over teaching piano to Brinley. She does a good job. I talk a lot more about the dynamic in the upcoming Brinley summary next week. Kaitlyn has to work to be patient because Brinley is an emotionally intense gifted child who struggles being corrected. It is a great learning opportunity for Kaitlyn.

It is also a great way for he to earn money in the winter when she can’t work as a ref.


During this time, we took a family trip to Mexico. It was the first time out of our country for all of the kids.

Kaitlyn wasn’t too excited about leaving the country. While she enjoys traveling, she also is more of an “at home” person, so the idea of leaving the country was not compelling. She also was not excited to leave her dog.

But once we were there she commented that it was a good experience for her to leave the country and learn more about other places.


We try to be quite open in our communication in our family. There has been more than one time a friend of Kaitlyn’s has said, “Why did you tell your parents that???” So we have an open dialog of what is going on.


Here is the daily schedule for this time period.

6:00 AM Get up and get ready for school
7:30 AM Leave to go to school
3:00 PM Get home from school
5:30 PM Dinner (typically)
10:00 PM Time to turn in devices and go to bed (if she hasn’t already)

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