Discipline Methods

Discipline methods to help you get ideas for how to best correct your child and teach him/her how to behave. You will find discipline tools for you to implement to help you prevent issues as well as tips on how to respond when your child disobeys.

Utilizing “Ask and Tell” to Get Your Kids to Obey in Public

This powerful parenting skill can help you prepare your child for great behavior in public. Set your child and yourself up for success when you go anywhere from the park… View Post

How I Discipline Without Spanking

I am not afraid to say that my children are very well behaved. Oh sure, they make mistakes. They do things they shouldn’t. Most of the time, however, they are… View Post

Encouragement as a Discipline Tool

Huh? Encouragement as discipline? But encouragement is positive, and discipline is negative, right?   Nope! Discipline is teaching and guiding. It doesn’t mean being angry, upset, or even disappointed. It means… View Post


A “time-out” is a tricky discipline tool simply because just about everyone does it and everyone has an opinion on it. So to look around for an effective “time-out”strategy can… View Post

Think Prevention First

“While we discuss many discipline options, we desire that our readers think prevention first and foremost” (On Becoming Childwise, page 11). Prevention is not a new concept to us in… View Post

In Action: Training In Non-Conflict plus Ask & Tell

We recently took another trip to the dentist. As a child, I never minded the dentist. I even liked the dentist. As a mother, I hate the dentist. Our pediatric… View Post

A Simple One-Liner To Keep Your Preschooler On Track

A perfect discipline phrase to help your preschooler on track and doing what she should be doing. This one-liner is simple and effective.   On Becoming Preschoolwise talks about two… View Post