5 Rules for Giving Kids Instructions

The five principles for instruction. Five rules to follow when you give your child an instruction. Always keep these things in mind.  On Becoming Babywise II lists five principles to… View Post

Poll Results: If you required your child to say “yes Mommy,” how long did it take for him to start to say it on his own?

2 weeks or less: 20 (17%) 2-4 weeks: 19 (16%) 2-4 months: 13 (11%) 4-6 months: 7 (6%) 6 months or longer: 7 (6%) Still working on it: 46 (41%)… View Post

In Action: Power of “Yes Mommy”

I wanted to share how powerful “Yes Mommy” can be for those of you who aren’t enjoying the benefits of utilizing it. Kaitlyn is a two year old. While she… View Post

Poll Results: At what age did you start to require “yes Mommy”?

Results: 9-12 Months: 4 votes (4%)12-15 Months: 9 votes (8%)15-18 Months: 14 votes (12%)18-21 Months: 19 votes (17%)21-24 Months: 20 votes (18%)2-2.5 Years: 27 votes (24%)2.5-3 Years: 13 votes (11%)3-4… View Post

Toddlerwise: Discipline Points for Toddlers

There are a few thoughts on discipline from On Becoming Toddlerwise that I wanted to bring out. These thoughts have been discussed in previous posts, but I wanted to highlight… View Post

In Action: “Yes, Mama”

The other day, I was in the kitchen and heard Brayden (3) talking to Kaitlyn (14 months). He has this tendency to parent her–something we are working on. I heard… View Post

How to Get Your Child to Obey with a Simple “Yes Mom”

How to Get Your Child to Obey with a Simple “Yes Mom”. This is a simple solution to get first time obedience.  “Of all the practical helps we can offer,… View Post