Poll Results: If you required your child to say “yes Mommy,” how long did it take for him to start to say it on his own?

2 weeks or less: 20 (17%) 2-4 weeks: 19 (16%) 2-4 months: 13 (11%) 4-6 months: 7 (6%) 6 months or longer: 7 (6%) Still working on it: 46 (41%)… View Post

In Action: Power of “Yes Mommy”

I wanted to share how powerful “Yes Mommy” can be for those of you who aren’t enjoying the benefits of utilizing it. Kaitlyn is a two year old. While she… View Post

Poll Results: At what age did you start to require “yes Mommy”?

Results: 9-12 Months: 4 votes (4%)12-15 Months: 9 votes (8%)15-18 Months: 14 votes (12%)18-21 Months: 19 votes (17%)21-24 Months: 20 votes (18%)2-2.5 Years: 27 votes (24%)2.5-3 Years: 13 votes (11%)3-4… View Post

Toddlerwise: Discipline Points for Toddlers

There are a few thoughts on discipline from On Becoming Toddlerwise that I wanted to bring out. These thoughts have been discussed in previous posts, but I wanted to highlight… View Post

Principles of Instruction

On Becoming Babywise II lists five principles to keep in mind when you are giving instruction to your child (pages 89-90). These principles apply with your baby and on up… View Post

In Action: “Yes, Mama”

The other day, I was in the kitchen and heard Brayden (3) talking to Kaitlyn (14 months). He has this tendency to parent her–something we are working on. I heard… View Post

How to Get Your Child to Obey with a Simple “Yes Mom”

How to Get Your Child to Obey with a Simple “Yes Mom”. This is a simple solution to get first time obedience.  “Of all the practical helps we can offer,… View Post