Moral Training

These posts will guide you through teaching morals to your children. Build your child’s character by instilling strong morals. Learn about teaching about apologies, forgiveness, virtues, gratitude, and speaking with kindess. Find information on teaching about modesty and learning to have respect for others and their property.  Teach about how to have personal responsibility and more!

Start Your Child’s Moral Training at Age 3

Teaching children the why behind their actions and the reason it isn’t okay is not usually effective until age three. Children understand morals starting around age three. Read more below. … View Post

How You Might Be Hurting Your Child’s Conscience

Learn how you might be actually hurting your child’s conscience and moral compass rather than helping it and enabling the development of a positive one. As parents, we really want… View Post

Nurturing and Developing Your Child’s Conscience

How to teach your child to listen to the conscience and treat others with respect and kindness. How to teach this skill and raise a moral child. Most of us… View Post


Since today is Thanksgiving in the United States and I live in the United States, I thought it would be a good day to mention gratitude. I have a quote… View Post

Moral Training: Love

How to teach your child to love others. Instilling morals in your child.    Our son Brayden recently turned three. Before he did, I of course read On Becoming Childwise.… View Post