Moral Training

These posts will guide you through teaching morals to your children. Build your child’s character by instilling strong morals. Learn about teaching about apologies, forgiveness, virtues, gratitude, and speaking with kindess. Find information on teaching about modesty and learning to have respect for others and their property.  Teach about how to have personal responsibility and more!

Talking Gratitude

While we really should strive to be grateful year round, the month of November has definitely become a month when we all focus on it more than we usually do.… View Post

Building Character

Fake it till you make it “We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day.” (Elder Richard G. Scott)   What do… View Post

Teaching the Gospel in Your Home

If you are a religious person, chances are good that you are highly desirous to teach that religion to your children. You want them to know what you know and… View Post

Is Modesty Worth Discussing?

    Is modesty a trivial topic? Let me begin this discussion by giving you some background on me. I have one son and three daughters. From my viewpoint as… View Post

Teaching Children to Speak Nicely and Honestly {THINK}

Children are naturally honest people when they first enter this world. As parents, we have to figure out how to keep our child from doing things like walking up to… View Post

Teach to Your Child’s Character Traits {Guest Post}

By Maureen Monfore, There are few parents who would argue that our children are unique individuals. They seem to be born with personality traits that make them who they… View Post

Building Faithful Testimony in Children

One of the scariest realizations you come to as a parent trying to raise your children to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the fact that your child might… View Post