Posts to help you with mealtime at your house. Get tips for teaching manners to your children. Get helps for having family meals on the table each night. Manage mealtime with ease.

Feeding the Littles: Tips for Nurturing Good Eaters

5 rules to help your kids eat what you give them. How to help your kids be great eaters who are not picky about what they eat. by Autumn Battaglia… View Post

10 Smart Mealtime Rules for Children

Find smart policies and rules to set in your home for family mealtime. Know how to set proper expectations for kids and get tips for enforcing rules. Mealtime can be… View Post

8 Reasons Family Meals are Vitally Important

Family meals eaten together reduce risks of obesity, substance abuse, depression, and eating disorders. Family dinners also increase vocabulary, grades, and health. I insisted he say a few words. It… View Post

How to Teach Table Manners to Your Child

When I was in the dating pool, all it took was a meal for me to be able to quickly know if I could pursue the relationship any further or… View Post

Easy Breakfast Meals

  For a long, long time, my children had cereal and yogurt for breakfast each morning. Fruit was also available. Despite the fact that they loved it, I always felt… View Post

Pizza Cutter Tip {Meal Time Life Hack}

  I have to share a tip with you that if you don’t know about it yet, will change your life at meals when you have small kids.   Use… View Post

How to Align Baby’s Meal Times with Family’s Meal Times

  As I have been doing “Hash it out Monday” on Facebook (come join us–we talk out our problems), I have gotten at least one question about aligning meals with… View Post