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Altitude Sickness

image source Several weeks ago, one of my moderators for the Chronicles Google Group was on a business trip with her infant son. During the trip, her son basically did… View Post

Help A Reader Out: Traveling and Maintaining Schedule

mrs. martin said… Ok, I need help again, big time! So here it is: we have been having to travel a LOT the past month and it’s not even close to… View Post

Packing for a Vacation

Aahh summer. It is full of family reunions and various trips/vacations. Three months of crazy fun (and sometimes not-so-fun). Remember back before you had kids and you only had to… View Post

Camping Tip: The PeaPod

It is camping season around here. A couple of months ago, someone was asking something in the Chronicles Yahoo! Group and the topic of the PeaPod came up. “What is… View Post

Traveling Index

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Reader Traveling Questions

These are traveling questions posted by readers on posts that didn’t apply to traveling. I moved them here so others can benefit from them. susie said… We are getting ready… View Post

Tips for a Successful Camping Trip with Children

Tips for a Successful Camping Trip with Children. Go prepared for a great trip with your family. Know how to arrange sleeping, how long to go, and what to pack.… View Post