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Easy Paint Edger {Friday Finds}

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How to Organize Your Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning is a chore that never ends. It seems like you can never be done where you feel like there isn’t another list in the back of your head of… View Post

Finances Index

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DIY Index

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Instapot {Friday Finds}

Last summer, the Instapot  (aff) went on a super deal one day on Amazon, and I rushed into purchasing one. I typically think about big purchases like that (yes, that… View Post

How to Be Productive as a Mom

Work smarter, not harder. This is a common piece of advice given to those wanting to be more productive in life. Just how do you go about “working smarter” as… View Post

How I Feed My Family for Around $100 a Week

    In a recent post, I remarked how I typically spent around $100 a week on groceries to feed my family of 6. I had a few inquiries on… View Post