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Toy Ideas

Christmas is coming. If you need or want ideas for gifts, I have a whole lot of posts that can help you.    Start first with: How I Choose Gifts   Then… View Post

Timeless Toys

Bethany of  asked me to share my top five favorite toys of all time…which is super, super hard for me to choose just five. Never-the-less, I made this list in about… View Post

Toy Rotation

image source On Becoming Preschoolwise says that one of the important factors in getting ready for kindergarten is developing focusing skills. One way to do this is to “Keep his… View Post

Toys Index

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Toy Review: Puzzles

Puzzles are a great educational toy. There are a lot of different types of puzzles. Here are some that we have. Peg Puzzles Melissa & Doug Deluxe Jungle Friends (Safari)… View Post

Guidelines for Choosing Preschool Toys

Guidelines for Choosing Preschool Toys. What to consider when deciding what toys to get for your preschooler. On Becoming Preschoolwise has a section on choosing toys, and I thought this… View Post

Best Toys for Baby: 0-12 Month Update

This post is to update previous posts on best toys for baby. I have written individual posts for babies grouped in 3 month increments as well as a general review… View Post