Fall Learning Activities Your Kids Will Love


Fall Learning Activities Your Kids Will Love. Five quick and simple activities to do with your children this fall.

Fall Learning Activities Your Kids Will Love. Five quick and simple activities to do with your children this fall.

Fall is always my very favorite time of year to do learning activities with my children. Here are our favorite fall learning activities we have done over the years.

Fall Learning Activities

Apple Activities

Apple Counting

This is a fun one you can use in a variety of ways. I usually used it to put numbers on the baskets and then have the child put the correct number on each basket. We used red, green, and yellow skittles. You could use any food or even just red, green, and yellow stickers or pieces of paper. Using the different colors helped give some color focus and sorting before doing the activity. If you laminate it, or put it in a page protector, you can use a dry or wet erase marker to write what you want on each basket. If you would like a free copy of this, you can find it here–here is the link in my google documents.

Apple counting and sorting learning activity free printable

Apple Seed Counting

Every fall, you will see a little bowl on my window sill full of apple seeds. I save them so I can do apple seed counting with the little ones. The idea here is you put seeds in each apple, then the child counts and writes how many under the apple. I made this sheet to do the activity with my kids. The great thing is that you can do all sorts of types of math. You decide if the child is doing addition, subtraction, multiplication, division…write that in the square between the apples. The child writes the answer on the provided line. I liked this because I can use the same sheet for all of my children. No matter their math level, this can be used to brush up the skills that need brushing. I laminated it so I don’t have to do a bunch of printouts. Here is the link in Google Documents.

Apple Math Learning Activity for Fall

Apple Print Thank You Cards

To create these thank you cards, you slice an apple in half, dip it in some paint, then press it onto your paper. You will need to add the stem and “seeds” with a black marker once it dries. Then your child can write a little note and send it to people. This works some fine motor skills, is an art project, and you add in service and thinking of others as you write notes and send them to people.

Apple Print Cards

Fall Leaves

Fall Leaf Shape Tree

For your supplies, you will need:
  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue
Have your child draw and cut out a tree trunk if appropriate. If not, do that ahead of time. Then have your child cut out various shaped leaves from different colors and glue to the tree. Again, if your child is not ready for scissors, you cut out the shapes ahead of time. Talk about the different colors and shapes as you go. When you are done you will have a fun fall picture!
Fall Leaf Shape Tree

Leaf Rubbings

Rubbings are a great activity that seem magical to children. They also work fine motor skills.

For your supplies, you will need:

  • Paper
  • Leaves (not dry)
  • Crayon with paper removed
Take your paper and put it over the leaves. Turn the crayon on its side and rub it all over the paper to reveal the print of the leaves. Easy and awesome!
Fall Leaf Rubbings Learning Activity

Learning activities isn’t the only fun thing to do in the fall. Check out my post 6 Things to Do With Your Kids This Fall for more.

You may or may not know, but for many years, I ran a learning development activities blog for children. I wrote it with a few other moms. It is still out there if you want to check it out: Children’s Learning Activities.

I also have an eBook I co-wrote that is a full 52 week curriculum of a prechool homeschool. Everything is planned out for you, and the best pat is you can do it with multiple ages of children! So you can do learning time with your 18 month old, three year old, and 5 year old all at the same time. Get your copy here:

Preschool homeschool curriculum

Fall Learning Activities Your Kids Will Love. Five quick and simple activities to do with your children this fall.

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