6 Really Fun Things to Do With Your Kids This Fall

What to do with your children in the fall. Great family activities and activities that make great family traditions year after year.

Fall family activities

I love the season of Fall. The weather. The blueness of the skies. The colors in the world. The clothes. the smells.

The food (mmm…pumpkin spice everything). The activities!

There is so much that is fun to do with your families during the fall. Here are my favorites.

Leaf Jumping

If the leaves fall where you live, you must have a day where you gather some leaves up and play in them.

Jump in them, throw them up in the air. Crunch them up. Stomp through them.

Leaves are so fun and offer such a rich sensory experience. There are the colors, the sounds, the textures, and the smells.

Leaf Jumping


We love to get to the mountains and hike around.

Find a place to go for a fall hike or nature walk.

Some children may enjoy having a scavenger hunt list to find different fall items while on the hike.

Last year, we all took our scriptures on our hike, spread out a blanket, and studied our scriptures in the peace of the mountains.

6 Things to Do With Your Kids This Fall

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Corn Maze

A corn maze is a lot of fun. It isn’t always picture perfect with litlte kids. We have had years where we walk in and quickly walk out because the baby wasn’t having it.

In recent years, we have been able to complete the entire maze. The kids have a lot of fun trying navigate us out of there.

6 Things to Do With Your Kids This Fall

Learning Activities

I love doing learning activities with my children.

You can find a lot of fall activities here. You can see five quick and easy fall activities your children will love here.

6 Things to Do With Your Kids This Fall

Pumpkin Painting/Carving

Get some pumpkins this fall and either paint them or carve them. If a large one seems overwhelming, get a little pumpkin!

Carving pumpkins with several children can be a very long event–especially when not all of the children can carve independently. I highly encourage you to try out painting or coloring pumpkins.

You can also just carve one pumpkin “as a family” and then have some other pumpkins for painting or drawing on.

6 Things to Do With Your Kids This Fall

Eating Food

Oh the food of fall! I could eat in fall all year long.

Make some new Fall recipes with your kids this year. Pumpkin spice everything!

We also really like Butterbeer at this time of year (well, all year, but it just seems right to have Butterbeer in the Fall). You can get our copycat frozen Butterbeer recipe here.

I have a post with some of my favorite fall recipes. Click the image below for recipes. Search Pinterest for fall recipes for more great ideas!

 Fabulous Fall Recipes

Follow my Pinterest board Fabulous Fall for more great ideas!

6 Things to Do With Your Kids This Fall

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6 fun things to do this fall

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