What to Do When Your Child Falls Asleep During Independent Playtime


What to Do When Your Child Falls Asleep During Independent Playtime. There are times my kids will fall asleep during independent playtime. I find this to be a benefit of independent play. If Brayden woke early for some reason, is sick, or just needs more sleep due to a growth spurt, he can lay down and sleep during independent play. It is a rare occasion, but it happens.

What to Do When Your Child Falls Asleep During Independent Playtime
Kaitlyn sleeping during Independent Playtime

When my kids fall asleep for independent play, I just wake them and continue on with the day. For Brayden (3 years old), I know that when he falls asleep for independent play he is either sick or just plain tired. I still put him down for his nap at his normal time.

For Kaitlyn (now 14 months), her independent play ends pretty close to her nap time (about 15-20 minutes before), and I am pretty surprised to find her asleep, but it happens sometimes. I always get her up and put her in her bed and she takes a normal nap. She is the type that will do that though.

If your child falls asleep on occasion during independent play, decide what is best for him. Some might need a little longer time before the regular schedule nap. I think for most, though, they are falling asleep because they are tired. So a normal nap can still happen.

If your child regularly falls asleep, evaluate your timing of naps and independent play. You might need to have independent play earlier or end sooner. While it is okay for them to fall asleep sometimes, you don’t want it to be regularly.

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What to Do When Your Child Falls Asleep During Independent Playtime


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4 thoughts on “What to Do When Your Child Falls Asleep During Independent Playtime”

  1. since 1 month i am having nap problems , well she was not good at but was no bad. now she is waking after 30 mins and not sleep. sometimes she takes only 45 minutes. very very occasionally she takes 2 hrs with awakening then i goto her swing then she sleeps. she is 4 months. i tried feeding , it didnt help. she sleeps in her swing during daytime and in her cot in my bedroom at nighttime. since 1 month she is giving me problem at night bed time as well. her usual bedtime is 8:30 but she resisted it and not sleeping and waking at 5am. then I realized she might be now not need last fourth nap. if she dropped her nap, what bedtime should it be?at nighttime when she wakes up she is able to sooth herself,but at 6:30 waking or 5am waking she is not able to soothe herself and wakes may be because of light.Before one month she was able to sooth herself at night time bedtime as well by thumbsucking as well.Now everything is messed up, she even now me to sit near her swing and move that swing fast to sleep her up. I am tired and desperate some solution. waiting for ur reply. thanx. I tried CIO sometimes it works , sometimes its not.I even have started 2 weeks ago baby rice but no solution, she is still teasing me. so during daytime i am feeding her every 2 hrs or 2.5 hrs breastfeeding.I read all ur articles on naps

  2. My 10 month old has always had playpen time and did well. She did 30 minutes 1x/day. This week, she HATES independent play time. She cries the entire time. Should I take a week off and retry next week?

  3. Susie,If it were me, I think I would still do it, but cut down the time. You could set a timer so your baby sees that the timer, not the crying, determines when it ends. You could do it for even just 5 minutes.


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