Kaitlyn Child Summary: 7.5 Years Old

This is a summary for Kaitlyn from 7.25-7.5 years old.


Eating went well during this time period. Kaitlyn does at times have texture issues with her food. If I push her to eat something, she might throw up. So I am careful about requirements. I made Chicken and Dumpling soup one night. She loves bread, so I thought dumplings would be an obvious love for her. She was not loving it. In fact, it was grossing her out in a texture way. I was requiring her to eat it when she just about puked it all up.


Sleeping is great. All is well.


Kaitlyn did gymnastics during this time for part of it.

She also continued her swimming lessons. Kaitlyn has one skill to pass off (dives) before she is all done with swim lessons. Pretty exciting!

Kaitlyn did fall soccer during this time. My husband was her coach and she loved it.

She also started piano lessons back up.

And the main event, Kaitlyn started dance. The last time I reported on Kaitlyn, I told you about her super mean dance teacher. Kaitlyn was ready to quit dance and never go back. I don’t mind if she wants to stop dancing, but I did mind her ending on a bad note. I also minded that before last year, she loved dance. And she was good at it. I told her she needed to try it one more year and promised we would move studios so she would have no chance at getting the mean teacher again.

Kaitlyn chose a hip-hop class. She wanted nothing that looked like her old experience. When I was choosing the new studio, I talked with the owners of each studio and frankly explained what the previous experience had been like so that I could get a feel from them what their reaction was to it. I also prayed about it.

Kaitlyn has loved dance this year. She asked me if she could sign up for another dance class that the studio has (a ballet/tap class). That is how much she likes it. I am so glad! I don’t know what she will want to do at the end of this year, but even if she decides she wants to be done with dance, I am glad we will have ended on a positive note and experience. I think it has been a good learning experience for her.


Kaitlyn has informed me that she no longer has a crush on anyone. Whew! 😉


Kaitlyn is a great sister. She is naturally very maternal and loves to help people. She is super thoughtful and is always willing to help Brinley wherever she needs it.


She hasn’t had much school yet, but so far second grade is going well. She loves her teacher. She is doing well in class. Her teacher is looking for ways to challenge her. Kaitlyn loves to read and really has a hard time deciding what to read, so she literally has ten different books with bookmarks in them next to her bed. I was letting that go for a while, but a couple of weeks ago I told her she needs to whittle the number down. I get having a few books you are reading at a time, but ten seems like too many to keep track of (I think; who knows, maybe she has an amazing memory and can track it all).


You might be wondering what there is for Kaitlyn to be working on. She has always been a very sweet and easy child. She is obedient without trying to be, if that makes sense. There is an area that she needs to work on, and that is potty humor. She pretty much finds a way to work “fart” into the conversation at every meal. I know some people find that funny, but for us, it isn’t a mealtime conversation. That is our main focus right now.


This period was pretty equally over summer and school. Last time, I shared our summer schedule so I will do school.

7:00–wake up. Eat breakfast. Get Ready, practice piano, chores, then sibling play.


4:00–back home. Snack if needed and homework. Then free play.


6:00–Family time

7:30–get ready for bed




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