Kaitlyn Child Summary: 7.75 Years

This shows how sweet Kaitlyn is. Every time she goes out with Brinley, she pulls her around on the sled.

This is a summary for Kaitlyn from 7.5-7.75 years old.


Eating is going very well. She really is doing well. She had several days where she ate an insane amount of food for her. I don’t know that I have had any child make such a large difference in the amount eaten. She had a major growth spurt. Her pants went from touching the floor to being floods–all in a week. It made me realize why size 7 must be what it is!

Speaking of, tangent vent, going from a size 6 to a 7 for Kaitlyn has been obnoxious. I don’t remember any issues with Brayden. For Kaitlyn, the 7’s were way to huge on her. Most difference between sizes is about 1/2 an inch or so, but for 6-7, it is more like 3-4 inches in many brands. Kaitlyn is always right about in the middle of the height of the girls in her grade, too, and measures right around 50% at her well checks so I don’t think it is that she is strangely short.


Sleeping is great. She is used to sleeping with McKenna by now and has no trouble with the noises McKenna makes.


Kaitlyn decided she wasn’t that into gymnastics. I was surprised she ever wanted to start because she didn’t see like the gymnastics type, but I didn’t say anything and signed her up. She enjoyed it a lot for the year she did it. I think it was beneficial to her. She wanted to cut back on her activities, though, and gymnastics was her least favorite of what she was doing.

Kaitlyn continued with piano. She is doing well with that and is getting good enough that her songs are exciting to her. She has a hard time following being Brayden in the piano world because he is obviously always playing songs that are more complicated than hers are. This means his songs are more entertaining, which means she spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to play his songs (always with a fair amount of success). But her level is finally at a place she is content with those songs and she is focusing on her own stuff.

Dance is still going well. She loves both of her dance classes.

Kaitlyn passed off all of her swimming skills! She has graduated from swimming lessons. She will still have them, though. We pay our teacher by the hour, so we will have her review for part of the time, at least until Brinley is old enough to start lessons (I am thinking we will try when summer starts). Brayden still has time with our teacher even though he is on the swim team and has that three days a week. He has lots of things to refine and improve on, so that definitely means Kaitlyn has room for improvement, too. I don’t know if she will have interest in swim team or not. The team is full, so we will discuss that when it is even an option.


The school year is still going very well.


Last time, I shared how Kaitlyn latches on to any opportunity to get “fart” into her vernacular. She is improving, but she isn’t all the way past that. I don’t know if she will really ever be past loving that, but I hope to at least eradicate it from any meal time conversation. It no longer happens daily, so that is an improvement.


This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission. Kaitlyn’s favorite books are any that are about unicorns or dragons. She love this series Into the Land of the Unicorns (Unicorn Chronicles). She also loves this series: Moonsilver (The Unicorn’s Secret #1). She also enjoys Dragon Masters #1: Rise of the Earth Dragon (A Branches Book). I am currently reading A Wrinkle in Time to her and she is loving that.

As far as activities, her favorite thing to do is art. All art, all the time. We had an evening of art at the school. Kaitlyn entered every category and got first or second place in every one of them. Art and stuffed animals are her favorite gifts.

This is Kaitlyn’s photograph that earned her a first place ribbon


Here is her schedule on school days.

7:00–wake up. Eat breakfast. Get Ready, practice piano, chores, then sibling play.


4:00–back home. Snack if needed and homework. Then free play.


6:00–Family time

7:30–get ready for bed




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  1. you know about the clothes, what i dislike the most is they move up to the girls department and it's no longer "cute" clothes. Some stores have the 4-6x department so the 6x is the 7 equivalanet and they are still the younger, cuter styles….but if they don't and you have to move up to size 7/8 it's all logos like "girl power" and nothing that cute. I hate that 7-16 is all lumped together in style as they should be dressing differently at those ages….so that's my gripe with girl clothes at age 7:) I guess it depends where you shop but this is what i've found at the main department stores here at least.so what are her piano books she is doing?So funny as DD2 i hear her trying to copy DD1's songs…she is only about 6 months behind but we're not really at those songs yet but she wants to keep up with big sister!:) it's not too far beyond so if she wants to try it here and there that's fine as i figure there can be a healthy level of competition and that's not always bad:)

    • I agree! Competition can be a great motivator. She is in Alfred books. The young beginners…the purple books. I can't remember what letter that is and I am not home to look. So 6x is like a 7? I always thought 6x was like a 6 but more husky so I don't get them. That would have been good for me to know! I totally agree–7 year olds should not be dressing the same as teenagers.

  2. i'll have to check out those books…we're using John Thompson.Yes 6x is like 7 according to my MIL who is the expert shopper,lol. she's been at stores and they have told her that (and I don't have husky kids…i also have seens things labeled as 6/6x which is like 6/7)…what I really like is it is still in the younger section of the clothing department and much more age approriate. Also I found that some 7/8 are HUGE and a big difference in size…it of course varies by the brand but I found 6x to be a good bridge. Now my oldest is turning 8 and easily fits the 7/8 but I just don't like the styles as much, oh well.


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