Brinley Child Summary: 7.5 Years Old

Find out what life is like for this 7.5 year old girl who was raised on Babywise. See her daily life, activities she is involved in, and her daily schedule.

7.5 year old Brinley

This is a summary for Brinley as she has turned 7.5 years old, which is seven years and 6 months old.

7.5 Year Old Girl Life

Here is a breakdown of Brinley’s typical daily life and what is going on for her right now.


Eating is continuing on as usual. She hasn’t changed up her typical eating habits at all.


Sleeping is great. Brinley goes to bed easily. She is a morning person and wakes up easily in the mornings. She likes to read a bit before she goes to sleep, and she seems to be able to be responsible and stop reading without us giving her a certain length of time she can read.

When she was younger, we would tell her she could read 1-2 picture books before going to sleep, but not we let her monitor herself and she has done well with that.

Not all kids this age will be able to do that. McKenna is currently 10 (close to 11) and still needs a timer to tell her to stop reading and go to sleep. McKenna gets super absorbed in books and really blocks out the world when she is reading.


Brinley is still loving second grade. She is thriving on all levels and loves school. One of her current favorite things to do is write stories. They do that a lot in second grade here.


With washing hair, Brinley is still doing her own hair-washing. I like to wash it myself once a week still as she is learning. She has such long hair that it can be hard to clean thoroughly.

Hair Length

Speaking of long hair, Brinley’s hair had reached the mid-point of her behind. It got snarly so easily and was often a painful experience to brush out.

At her last hair cut last month (we get haircuts for the girls typically every 4ish months), I had the stylist cut off 5-6 inches.

It has made such a difference! A positive difference. Her hair is rarely snarly and brushing it out is a breeze. It is still really long–you can see in the video for this post.

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Brinley’s emotional control has vastly improved in the last few months. In her last summary, I talked about how I realized she was emotionally gifted and realized I needed to approach things with her differently.

In the last few months, she has really started to take ownership over her emotions and often diffuses herself before she gets too upset. I have been so proud of her efforts.


I am pretty sure this past Christmas will have been her last to believe in Santa. She asked a lot of questions and is still peppering questions my way every once in a while. I have been able to avoid them so far, but I think at some point I need to just sit down with her and talk with her about it.

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One of Brinley’s consistent jobs around the house is to keep the cats fed and watered with fresh water. She loves animals and loves to take care of the pets.

During this time period, one of our cats got sick and needed to go to the vet. Brinley insisted upon coming along and was so loving and worried about her. It is so sweet to see your child so empathetic and caring.


Here is what Brinley participated in during this time period:

  • Swim lessons: She did this for a couple of months and then Christmas came and we haven’t been able to be on the same schedule as her swim teacher yet.
  • Piano lessons: She is making progress in the piano.
  • Basketball: Brinley played rec basketball during this time and had a lot of fun. She had a really good coach who helped her improve quite a bit over the season.
  • Irish dance: McKenna took Irish dance last fall and Brinley loved the recital, so she signed up for this winter/spring. She is loving it so far. She had a year off of dance (by her own choice) and she LOVES to dance, so she is enjoying this.
  • Musical: Brinley is in the ensemble of her school musical and having fun with that. She loves to sing more than anything else she does, so this is fun for her (even if rehearsals are often long and tiring).
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Daily Schedule

Here is her typical schedule on a school day:

6:30 AM Wake up for family scriptures
6:50 AM Get ready for school (these morning routine cards make this process so smooth)
9:15 AM School starts
4:00 PM Home from school. She hasn’t had homework yet. Chores if needed and free time.
5:30 PM Dinner. Then family time until bed.
8:00 PM Start getting ready for bed.
8:30 PM Bedtime.

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