Kaitlyn Child Summary: 5 Years Old

5 year old life and daily routine. Learn about her daily schedule and how to handle things that come up with five year olds.

5 year old Kaitlyn with a mini pony

I have this difficulty in my head. For some reason, I realize and accept that Brayden will get older. Sure thing.

But my girls? No! I have another five-year-old? Another child in the “child” age range? Seriously crazy.

On her birthday last week, I just kept thinking all day that this was probably her last birthday just at home all day with me. Next year she will be in school for part of the day. I guess we will have weekends sometimes, but it seemed like the end of an era.

We spent the day doing lots of fun little things like painting our fingernails and toenails. I just soaked up that moment with her.


Kaitlyn is by far my pickiest eater. She is particular. She has issues with reflux reactions to certain foods.

Even with that, she is becoming more adventurous in her food choices. This isn’t always the case, but she has her moments of trying a new food.

During this period, she decided she likes strawberries. She has never liked strawberries in her lifetime, and she was excited to like them.

She has tried and tried them year after year because she watches everyone else in the family eating and loving them. She finally likes them.

I read through Brayden’s five year old summary and noticed that I mentioned he was getting more adventurous at that age. It makes me wonder if there is either something changing with the taste buds at that age or if it is something changing in the brain that makes children more adventurous around age five? 

Kaitlyn is a major animal lover


Kaitlyn’s nights are the same. 

Rest time I have moved to about 30 minutes most days. If she is super emotional, I do 60 minutes. Otherwise, we do 30.

She still naps every so often, but when she does, she has a really hard time falling asleep at night. I need to figure out how long of a nap is okay for her to take and still be able to fall asleep at night.

I would guess somewhere from 20-60 minutes. 


Kaitlyn still loves preschool. She is very excited to go to kindergarten next year. She has had her school evaluation and now she is just looking forward to next Fall when she gets to go! 


Kaitlyn has been fabulous with her urge to draw on non-drawing surfaces–she hasn’t done it at all! 

Kaitlyn tries really hard to always do what is right, and if she messes up at all and I correct her, she apologizes about 30 times and gets upset with herself. I assure her it is okay, that everyone makes mistakes, and remind her it is my job to make sure she knows what she can and cannot do.

It makes Kaitlyn very happy when I make mistakes. One day, I drove the wrong way to get somewhere, and it seemed to make her very relieved. “Moms make mistakes sometimes, too, huh Mom!” 

I have read that it is important to let your children see you fail–especially those perfectionistic children. Kaitlyn is a functional oldest child in our family since she is the oldest girl, and she definitely has some first-born tenancies.

I try hard to let her know of mistakes I make, and also really try to let her know it is normal to make mistakes and that it is okay if she makes mistakes. 


Kaitlyn really has the sweet spot in the family. She can play more advanced games with Brayden, and she can play the girly, imaginative games with McKenna. She gets along really well with her siblings.


Recent activities Kaitlyn has participated in are ice skating lessons, swimming lessons, dance lessons, and now soccer.

This is her first year with soccer. She has only had two games so far, so too soon to tell how she likes it overall, but so far she is enjoying it. My husband is coaching her team, which thrills her.

She gets in there and goes after the ball. It is very interesting to watch children play sports according to their birth order. The oldest child often is confused and doesn’t quite know what to do and if he wants to do it.

Younger children, however, jump right in and are anxious to play. They have spent years watching older siblings play and are ready to get in there and play themselves. 


Kaitlyn seems to be having some separation anxiety with me lately. She is always worried I will disappear and leave her alone. She wants me to be with her as much as possible.

She has historically been a very independent player, but now prefers to sit by me and draw if she is not playing with a sibling. It is such a strange thing to me.

I mentioned this to a few friends with older children who I greatly respect as mothers on separate occasions. The first thing all of them have said is that she is feeling anxious over the new baby coming.

I guess that makes sense. She is thrilled and excited for the baby to come, but I am sure it makes her worry on some level about what that will mean for her.

How much time will I have for her? Where does that leave her in the family? How will things change? I need to figure out how to assure her of things I am not even sure that she is cognitively aware that she is worrying about. 

I remember Brayden getting stressed after McKenna was born in similar ways. Kaitlyn is older than he was (5 instead of almost 4) and also just more aware of the coming baby than he was (and probably currently more aware than he is). 


7:15–wake up. Get ready for school. Eat breakfast. Play with Brayden.
9:15–leave for school (she has school 3 days a week. One day, she has dance instead)
12-:10–home from school
12:15–lunch. Then play with McKenna
2:30–rest time
3:00–up from rest time. Independent play.
4:00–free time. Some days video games.
4:30–play with Brayden and sibling play until dinner.
5:30–dinner. Chores. Family time
7:00–start getting ready for bed 
8:00–in bed 



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