Invidyo Video Baby Monitor Review

A video baby monitor is a very helpful tool in figuring out your baby’s ideal schedule. Invidyo is a great baby monitor with many features.

invidyo baby video monitor

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I had my first two babies without the benefit of a video monitor. We had just the audio monitor for Brayden and Kaitlyn.

When McKenna came along, we tried out the video monitor and never looked back!

I loved all of the information that a video monitor provided. It gave me so much peace of mind to be able to easily see her and know what was happening.

I remember one benefit being knowing for sure if she was awake or asleep. Newborns make a lot of noise, so if all you can do is hear your baby, you can be up for 20 minutes in the middle of the night trying to decide if your baby is awake or not.

When we had our youngest, we stuck with the video monitor way of life. As technology had improved in the few short years, I enjoyed being able to see her from my phone.

I also enjoyed being able to change the camera angle and as she got older, watch her during independent playtime.

invidyo Baby Monitor

Of course in the years since, video monitor technology has continued to improve. Today I wanted to talk about the invidyo Baby Monitor.

This monitor has the same features I loved when Brinley was a baby and toddler. You are able to monitor over your phone, pan the camera from your phone, and talk to your baby (this was INVALUABLE when she was a toddler thinking of getting out of her bed instead of napping).

It also has many new, innovative features, such as face recognition, room temperature reports, and crying detection.

Standard Features

There are certain features you should expect to get out of any video monitor you get. If one you are looking at does not have these features, I would suggest you keep looking.

  • Full HD Video
  • Night Vision
  • Temperature Sensor
  • 2 Way Audio

I personally didn’t have the HD video nor the temperature sensor, so you can survive without it; however, with current technology, they are features to look for.

The HD video is just nice so you are sure you are seeing what you think you are seeing.

I love the temperature feature. This is a variable you can track and use when trying to troubleshoot sleep issues. You might find your baby sleeps best in a certain temperature range.

Smart Features

Now for the really great thing about technology improving. The invidyo monitor has a lot of great smart features.

  • Crying Detection: this allows Invidyo to separate regular loud noises from baby cries and it sends a notification immediately after it detects a crying sound. It also gives statistical data (with nice graphics too) like the number of times a baby cried during a day or the duration of the longest crying fit your baby had during the day.  

    This can really help you to figure out patterns. If your baby cries at the same time each day, you will see that pattern!
  • Sleep Monitoring: It currently allows you to manually label the moments when your child sleeps, like a regular sleep tracking app. You get all the classics like statistics and graphs about total sleep time and nap times daily or weekly. 

    In addition, since there is a camera in your child’s bedroom, you can associate the sleep episodes with actual videos. This enables cool features like sleep time summaries and comes really handy especially if you are considering sleep training.

    *The sleep monitoring/tracking features have already been rolled out on the Android version of the app, and will be released soon on the iOS app as well. 
  • Smart Daily Highlight Video: You can watch highlights from the day.

A really great thing about the features of this monitor is that it can help you understand your baby, which is always helpful, but especially helpful when you are sleep training or problem solving sleep issues.

Other Features

Other features of note include:

  • Face recognition
  • A.I. Based Smile Detection (takes photos of your baby smiling)
  • Wired and wireless connection options
  • Secure streaming and storage


Invidyo is a great video monitor that will help you out a lot with your baby. It provides you not only with peace of mind, but data you can look through to help you problem-solve when needed. We can all use that help!

Get your invidyo monitor here!

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