Kaitlyn Teen Summary: 13.5 Years Old

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13.5 year old Kaitlyn

This is a summary for Kaitlyn from 13.25-13.5 years old.


Eating is going well. Last time, I talked about how Kaitlyn is getting more adventurous and liking a larger variety of foods. That is still the case!


Sleeping has continued on as usual, which is without issues.


Summer ended well. It was very low-key. She spent most of her time that she was away from home practicing soccer with her team. They were also able to do some scrimmages against other teams.


School has been good. It has been different with needing to wear a mask all day. It is sometimes inconvenient since she needs to walk certain ways even if there are much faster ways to get to her destination.

School is Monday through Friday and is one hour shorter than it was in years past.

Kaitlyn is often the type to come down with every little sickness, and most sicknesses turn into a fever for her.

I have been strongly emphasizing the need to be diligent about her vitamins each day and have even committed her friends to policing her vegetables at lunch. HA!

She did get the standard cold that seems to come to most kids in the first couple of weeks of school. We followed rules and kept her home. It was indeed a cold.

It is nice for her to be able to stay pretty caught up with classes when she is home, especially when she doesn’t feel that sick because it is just a cold.

School is good, but of course it being middle school, there is at times middle school drama. She handles it well and talks with Nate and I about it a lot. We give advice.

She listens to some and learns the hard way at times (which really is what solidifies knowledge sometimes).


Soccer has been really good. In soccer, there are different levels of play. They try to have similarly skilled teams together in the same levels.

At the end of each season, the top two teams in a division move up and the bottom two move down. This is an effort to keep teams playing at a competetive level.

Her team was undefeated last season and moved up this season. Typically when you move up, you meet new challenges and sometimes even struggle.

But her team has finished the season undefeated (but with two ties) and in first place! So they are moving up again and will be at the second highest level.

It is fun to watch them play.

One big thing to happen this season in the second to last game is that Kaitlyn was slide-tackled from behind (which is illegal) and taken out. She went into the air and landed on her head.

This resulted in a concussion.

So she missed more school and lots of soccer practices and their last game.

She missed two days of school, then had the weekend, then went half day for four days, then made it a full day.

Her first half day of school she came home and slept for hours.

It took a week and half for the headache to go away.


Piano is going well. She is progressing quite well. She still writes songs, but with school in session and soccer in full swing, she writes at a much slower pace. Her lessons are still over facetime, which works out really well.

She wrote and performed the song that is on her slideshow. It is called “On My Way” and is inspired by her concern about knowing what she wants to do with her life as an adult.


Here is her schedule for school. You can see her summer schedule in her last post.

5:40 AM–Wake up and get ready for school
6:40 AM–Family scripture study
7:05 AM–Leave for school
2:15 PM–Home from school. Homework. Piano practice. Relax.
5:00 PM–Dinner (typically…this can vary depending on when practices are for people). Evening activities range from soccer practices, soccer games, and family time.
9:00 PM–Time to prep for bed


13.5 year old teen summary and schedule

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