McKenna Child Summary: 5.75 Years Old

McKenna is a very sweet older sister to Brinley and loves to teach her new things.


This is a summary for McKenna from 5.5-5.75 years old.



Eating is all normal. 



Sleeping is good and normal. She hasn’t napped much during this school year. 



McKenna absolutely loves to play. She is very social. She is also very imaginative and just loves to have a good time. McKenna’s favorite thing to do for play is dress up. She also really enjoys dolls of any kind. 



I realized the other day that I haven’t noticed much of a kindertude in McKenna. I don’t think this is because she isn’t experiencing kindertude. I think it is because she was already the type to argue with me. Any kindertude she may be exhibiting just isn’t different from what I am already used to with McKenna. “No means no” is a phrase I have to use with her often.


It might also be that she isn’t stressing so much about being “perfect” at school, so she isn’t so exhausted and grumpy when she is home. 



McKenna is loving school. She loves to learn. She really thrives having school to do each day. She loves everything about school. She is doing very well on all aspects. Back to my comment on her being social, I really wondered how she would do in school with so many prospective friends around her at all times. She does great! And she is good at doing what she should even if kids are goofing off around her. She has no problem telling people to get on task. She is very fortunate, though, to have a really great class. The students in her class are all very well behaved, so that makes it easy for all of them to be good. Their teacher is also very sweet. She told me once that sometimes the kids get the giggles or something and she said it doesn’t bother her. She said they are young children and you have to expect that from children at times. We are fortunate to have amazing teachers at our school. 



McKenna is still loving piano lessons. She is through her first set of books and onto her second. 



McKenna is still doing swimming lessons and is progressing there. She is also taking dance and gymnastics. Her favorite thing is gymnastics. She loves it. She is freakishly strong so she is good at it. 



McKenna loves to read pictures books still. She has enjoyed having the Magic Tree House Series books to her. These have been a favorite for all of my kids so far. McKenna is very into girly things, and we just don’t have chapter books that are really girly. For Christmas, I got her a couple of sets of girly chapter books. I will report on them once we have read them.


Here is our typical schedule. 

7:00 AM–wake up. Eat breakfast. Get ready. Do morning chores. Read scriptures. 

Then free play.

12:00 noon–lunch

Then free play.

1:30 PM–SSR

2:00 PM–IPT 

3:00 PM–free play or rest time depending on the need

5:30 PM–Dinner. Then time with family.

7:00 PM Start getting ready for bed.

8:00 PM–in bed 


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    • We use Alfred. Alfred has a set for young beginners, so we start there. They are orange. Then we stick with young beginners and those are blue. On the back of the books, it shows you the options of how to move into the regular books from the young beginner books.


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