Kaitlyn Child Summary: 5.75 Years

5.75 year old life and daily routine. Learn about her daily schedule and how to handle things that come up with five year olds. Information on picky eating, sleeping, room sharing, and dealing with attitude.

Kaitlyn feeding Brinley

Wow. I typed the title then thought–I got that wrong. Kaitlyn isn’t coming up on six. Surely not. She is! 


Kaitlyn has gotten much better about trying new foods recently. I think our rule that you can’t say “I don’t like it” at the dinner table has helped a lot with that.

She will eat things I never would have thought she would ever try (at least until teenage years or adulthood). That’s not to say she never has a picky moment–she does. But she is improving steadily.

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Sleeping is going well and normal. Kaitlyn is still sharing with Brayden. They are great about sharing; we have no issues with them goofing around or talking late or anything.

It just makes so much sense to have the two extreme rule-followers in my house share a room–I am not sure why we really ever tried it a different way. Actually, one reason was because I didn’t want to have to try to redecorate Brayden’s room to be gender neutral.

Well, I didn’t. I just put her in it without redecorating anything. Does she care? Not at all! She hasn’t even noticed. I guess five year olds aren’t so concerned about interior decorating 🙂 

I did make her a quilt for Christmas that matches the room–it is a Hello Kitty quilt. She loves Hello Kitty. It is perfect because it is red, which matches Brayden’s room, with some pink and white so it adds some girly flair for her space.

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Kaitlyn’s favorite thing to do is anything involving art. She loves paper, pencils, markers, crayons, scissors, and glue.

Here is an example. For Christmas, Kaitlyn’s teacher asked parents who could to donate something gender neutral for the kids in the class. I thought about it and settled on a pad of sticky post-it notes for each child. That was hands down Kaitlyn’s favorite gift. 

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I have coined the phrase. She still has it at times. She is just perfect at school. Then she comes home and seems to need to relieve some of the stress she must put on herself from trying to be so perfect at school all day long.

It can be so odd. She is by nature a very sweet and happy person. She is loving and a peacemaker is something that describes her well. But she gets these diva moments that just seem like she has been replaced by some 15 year old girl with an attitude.

Time will tell how normal this is for girls. I really think it is highly the stress she puts on herself at school because when there is no school, she is fine all day.

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Kaitlyn is the type of person to notice a need and do her best to help out. One day at breakfast time, I was about to feed Brinley when she said, “Mom, I will feed Brinley so you can eat breakfast.” (that is the picture above) It was so sweet. She is a good help.


School is going really well. She loves to learn and is very good at school. She is not in the same class as her best friend. She has been surprisingly hesitant to want to play with any other children other than him. She interacts well with the other kids and gets along well with them, but at recess she doesn’t want to play with anyone other than her best friend.

Her teacher says she is improving a lot, but I assumed she would be more “over it” by now–meaning I would have thought she would have adjusted to the change and not always waiting for him to play with at recess.

I definitely have no problem with her having a best friend, but I also think it would be good for her to be good friends with lots of kids. I am not sure exactly what if anything I can do, but I am thinking on it.


Here is our typical school day schedule

7:00–wake up. Eat breakfast. Get Ready. Free Play until school.
Go to school.
Come home from school.
1:00–Learning Activities Time
1:30–Play with McKenna
2:00–Independent Playtime
3:00–Practice piano and homework if she has it. Time with Mommy.
4:00–TV time
5-5:30–dinner. Family time
7:00–start getting ready for bed 
8:00–in bed



5.75 year old sample schedule pinnable image