McKenna Preschooler Summary: 3 Years 10 Months

A full summary of life for this 3.5 year old who has been raised on Babywise. Find out what daily life was like and find a 45 month old preschooler schedule to follow.

McKenna and Kaitlyn celebrating beach day inside

One day, the girls decided to have a beach party. They set out towels, got out the swim goggles and flip flops. They were soon in swimming suits, also. We turned on the Beach Boys. They had a fabulous time.

And I thought they were crazy because it was -5 below. I turned the heat up so they wouldn’t freeze in their swimming suits! They had a grand time though.


Eating continues on as it has been.


This month, there has been an interesting thing about naps. When McKenna sleeps for her nap, she is super emotional for the rest of the day. If she doesn’t, as I mentioned last time, she is happy as can be but mischievous  So I wonder…which is preferable? I am not sure.

I have started putting her down for naps earlier most days. Brinley is up into the afternoon, so I will put McKenna down at the same time as Brinley since their rooms are right next to each other.


McKenna is a person who is pretty much always moving. She will sit down and sit still for books and she does enjoy to sit and do art projects and learning activities. Other than that, she is a mover.

Her favorite days are days when there is no school for Brayden and Kaitlyn. When it is just her and I at home, I do some playing with her. Her favorite thing to do with me is to play with playdough or to play board games. 

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McKenna is incredibly good with Brinley. When Brinley cries, she does her best to help her be happy. She never complains about the crying. She is patient and calm, which is great since she sits by her in the car. 

McKenna also has no problem with Brinley scratching or grabbing her. She lets Brinley grab at her face and hair and just laughs. The other day Brinley got a fistful of hair out of McKenna’s head, and for the first time McKenna said, “Ow!” Then she laughed and told me Brinley pulled her hair out. Then she said, “Oh well. At least hair grows back!” Wow.


The first Sunday in January, McKenna went from the nursery at church to the primary. I am told she is good, but I have observed that she has a hard time staying seated…which isn’t shocking if you refer to my “playtime” section above.

The primary president told me she isn’t a problem–that she always obeys when they tell her to sit back down. While I am grateful for their patience, I will be working with her to try to get her to a point where she will control herself and stay in her seat when she is supposed to. I don’t want her to be a distraction long-term.

When I verbally talk to her about it all, she knows all the right answers. She knows what she should be doing. I think she just needs some physical practice to get better at the task. Perhaps she also needs some maturity. I know it isn’t asking too much of a child her age to do this, though I also think it is harder for her individually than it was for Brayden and Kaitlyn at this age. 


7:30–Wake up and eat breakfast. Get ready. She then can play with siblings. 
9:00– Chores then independent playtime
10:30–Time with Mommy
3:00–Get up. Play with Kaitlyn. Learning activities.
4:30—TV Time 
6:00–Family Activities
7:00–Get ready for bed



3 year 10 month old schedule pinnable image

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