Poll Discussion: Baby Gear


Through this poll, I hope to be able to provide parents with some guidance as to what baby gear is really worth it and what isn’t. This is definitely a hard topic. I think for every item, there will be people who view it as a “must have” and people who view it as a “waste of money.” I know I have some things that was necessary for one baby (like the swing for Kaitlyn) and never used for another (like the swing for McKenna). Some things can even be brand specific, so maybe for one brand of gym you think “okay” and another you think, “LOVE!” Let’s give this a try though. It will be interesting to see if there is an overwhelming consensus in the end or not.


Question: Is the item worth the purchase?

For each item, please list “yes,” “no,” or “undecided.” You can then list any explanations you want with it, but I want to be able to have a solid answer of one of the three so I don’t have to try to decipher what you think when I am doing results. When you are answering, ask yourself, “would I buy it again if given the chance?”


Please only answer if you have actually tried the product. If you have not tried the product, either leave blank or add “NA.”


I will link each item to a collection of examples on Amazon so you can see what I mean if you don’t know.

  1. Playards
  2. Bassinet
  3. Swaddle Blankets
  4. Crib
  5. SnuggleU
  6. Rocking chair/glider
  7. Activity gym
  8. Bouncer
  9. Bumbo
  10. Exersaucer
  11. Jumper
  12. Front Carrier
  13. Stroller
  14. Wet wipe warmer
  15. Changing table
  16. Swing
  17. Lilly Padz
  18. Nursing pillow
  19. Milkies
  20. Nipple cream
  21. Nursing nightgown
  22. Bottle warmer
  23. Bottle dishwasher basket
  24. Bottle drying rack
  25. Highchair
  26. Booster Seat for Meals
  27. Burp clothes
  28. Baby bathtub
  29. Nasal aspirator
  30. Baby fingernail clippers
  31. Video monitor
  32. Audio monitor
  33. Gas drops
  34. Gripe water
  35. Additional Comments/Items?

My Answers:

  1. Pack and play–YES
  2. Bassinet–YES
  3. Swaddle blanket–YES
  4. Crib–YES
  5. SnuggleU–YES
  6. Rocking chair/glider–YES
  7. Activity gym–YES–must comment that I love the TinyLove Delux
  8. Bouncer–YES–seriously has been a favorite for all four kids
  9. Bumbo–UNDECIDED
  10. Exersaucer–UNDECIDED
  11. Jumper–YES
  12. Front Carrier–NO
  13. Stroller–YES
  14. Diaper warmer–NO
  15. Changing table–YES
  16. Swing–YES
  17. Lilly Padz–UNDECIDED
  18. Nursing pillow–YES
  19. Milkies–YES
  20. Nipple cream–YES
  21. Nursing nightgown–YES
  22. Bottle warmer–NA
  23. Bottler dishwasher rack–NA
  24. Bottle drying rack–NA
  25. Highchair–YES
  26. Booster Seat for Meals–YES
  27. Burp clothes–YES
  28. Baby bathtub–YES
  29. Nasal aspirator–YES
  30. Baby fingernail clippers–YES
  31. Video monitor–YES
  32. Audio monitor–YES
  33. Gas drops–YES
  34. Gripe water–YES
  35. Additional Comments/Items? As you can see, I like baby gear 🙂