Poll Discussion: Baby Gear


Through this poll, I hope to be able to provide parents with some guidance as to what baby gear is really worth it and what isn’t. This is definitely a hard topic. I think for every item, there will be people who view it as a “must have” and people who view it as a “waste of money.” I know I have some things that was necessary for one baby (like the swing for Kaitlyn) and never used for another (like the swing for McKenna). Some things can even be brand specific, so maybe for one brand of gym you think “okay” and another you think, “LOVE!” Let’s give this a try though. It will be interesting to see if there is an overwhelming consensus in the end or not.


Question: Is the item worth the purchase?

For each item, please list “yes,” “no,” or “undecided.” You can then list any explanations you want with it, but I want to be able to have a solid answer of one of the three so I don’t have to try to decipher what you think when I am doing results. When you are answering, ask yourself, “would I buy it again if given the chance?”


Please only answer if you have actually tried the product. If you have not tried the product, either leave blank or add “NA.”


I will link each item to a collection of examples on Amazon so you can see what I mean if you don’t know.

  1. Playards
  2. Bassinet
  3. Swaddle Blankets
  4. Crib
  5. SnuggleU
  6. Rocking chair/glider
  7. Activity gym
  8. Bouncer
  9. Bumbo
  10. Exersaucer
  11. Jumper
  12. Front Carrier
  13. Stroller
  14. Wet wipe warmer
  15. Changing table
  16. Swing
  17. Lilly Padz
  18. Nursing pillow
  19. Milkies
  20. Nipple cream
  21. Nursing nightgown
  22. Bottle warmer
  23. Bottle dishwasher basket
  24. Bottle drying rack
  25. Highchair
  26. Booster Seat for Meals
  27. Burp clothes
  28. Baby bathtub
  29. Nasal aspirator
  30. Baby fingernail clippers
  31. Video monitor
  32. Audio monitor
  33. Gas drops
  34. Gripe water
  35. Additional Comments/Items?

My Answers:

  1. Pack and play–YES
  2. Bassinet–YES
  3. Swaddle blanket–YES
  4. Crib–YES
  5. SnuggleU–YES
  6. Rocking chair/glider–YES
  7. Activity gym–YES–must comment that I love the TinyLove Delux
  8. Bouncer–YES–seriously has been a favorite for all four kids
  9. Bumbo–UNDECIDED
  10. Exersaucer–UNDECIDED
  11. Jumper–YES
  12. Front Carrier–NO
  13. Stroller–YES
  14. Diaper warmer–NO
  15. Changing table–YES
  16. Swing–YES
  17. Lilly Padz–UNDECIDED
  18. Nursing pillow–YES
  19. Milkies–YES
  20. Nipple cream–YES
  21. Nursing nightgown–YES
  22. Bottle warmer–NA
  23. Bottler dishwasher rack–NA
  24. Bottle drying rack–NA
  25. Highchair–YES
  26. Booster Seat for Meals–YES
  27. Burp clothes–YES
  28. Baby bathtub–YES
  29. Nasal aspirator–YES
  30. Baby fingernail clippers–YES
  31. Video monitor–YES
  32. Audio monitor–YES
  33. Gas drops–YES
  34. Gripe water–YES
  35. Additional Comments/Items? As you can see, I like baby gear 🙂


51 thoughts on “Poll Discussion: Baby Gear”

  1. 1. YES – Playards2. NO – Bassinet3. YES – Swaddle Blankets4. YES – Crib5. N/A – SnuggleU6. NO – Rocking chair/glider7. YES – Activity gym8. YES – Bouncer9. NO – Bumbo10.NO – Exersaucer they take up so much space!)11.YES – Jumper12.YES – Front Carrier13.YES – Stroller14.NO! – Wet wipe warmer15.NO – Changing table 16.NO – Swing17.YES – Lilly Padz18.NO – Nursing pillow19.N/A – Milkies20.NO – Nipple cream21.N/A – Nursing nightgown22.N/A – Bottle warmer23.N/A – Bottle dishwasher basket24.N/A – Bottle drying rack25.NO – Highchair26.YES – Booster Seat for Meals27.YES – Burp clothes28.NO – Baby bathtub (I prefer the slings that support baby in your existing tub.)29.YES – Nasal aspirator30.YES – Baby fingernail clippers31.N/A – Video monitor32.YES – Audio monitor33.YES – Gas drops34.YES – Gripe waterAdditional Comments/Items?

  2. 1. Pack-n-Play–yes, both my boys slept in it in my room for 3 mos. and it is a must for travel.2. Bassinet–undecided, never used one.3. Swaddle blanket–yes4. Crib–yes.5. SnuggleU–yes, I made one and used it for my second, and it really helped him stay in place and feel more snuggled. Wish I would have used it for the first. He was all over the place.6. Rocking chair/glider– yes7. Activity gym–yes, I also have Tiny Love Deluxe and both my boys loved it.8. Bouncer–no, both my boys disclaimed the bouncy seat. They preferred the convertible rocker chair. It is awesome and reclines. They can even sleep in it if they have reflux.9. Bumbo–both my boys hated this and their legs were too chubby to fit comfortably.10. Exersaucer–undecided, never had one but we love the jumparoo.11. Jumparoo–yes, love the jungle theme jumparoo.12. Front carrier–no13. Stroller–yes14. Diaper warmer–yes, I am assuming you mean wipe warmer. We used it the first 3 mos with both boys. Our first would cry if you put a cold wipe on him.15. Changing table–yes16. Swing–yes17. Lilly Padz–no18. Nursing pillow–yes19. Milkies–no20. Nipple cream–yes21. Nursing nightgown–yes22. Bottle warmer–yes, I switched both of my boys from breast to bottle at 14 weeks when I went back to work and they would only take a warm bottle.23. Bottle dishwasher rack–yes24. Bottle drying rack–yes25. High chair–yes26. Booster for meals–undecided, first would not use one.27. Burp cloths– no, neither of my boys were spitters.28. Baby bathtub– yes29. Nasal aspirator–yes, I will say it is worth it to invest in a Nose Freda or Baby Comfy Nose. They work much better than the bulbs.30. Baby fingernail clippers–yes31. Video monitor–yes32. Audio monitor–yes33. Gas drops–yes34. Gripe water–yes, they are great to get rid if hiccups.36. A must have for us is Lansinoh butt cream, and Aveeno bath products and lotion. Also, we used MAM pacifiers with both boys.

  3. My Answers:Pack and play–YESBassinet–NOSwaddle blanket–YESCrib–YESSnuggleU–NARocking chair/glider–YESActivity gym–YESBouncer–YESBumbo–YESExersaucer–NAJumper–YESFront Carrier–YESStroller–YESDiaper warmer–NOChanging table–YESSwing–YESLilly Padz–NANursing pillow–YESMilkies–NANipple cream–YESNursing nightgown–YESBottle warmer–NOBottle dishwasher rack–YESBottle drying rack–YESHighchair–YESBooster Seat for Meals–NABurp clothes–YESBaby bathtub–YESNasal aspirator–YES- Nosefrida all the wayBaby fingernail clippers–YESVideo monitor–YESAudio monitor–YESGas drops–YESGripe water–NAAdditional Comments/Items? I don't know what we would do without our sound machine!

  4. 1. Pack and play – YES2. Bassinet – YES3. Swaddle blanket – YES4. Crib – YES5. SnuggleU – N/A6. Rocking chair/glider – YES7. Activity gym – YES8. Bouncer – YES – I have a very basic Bright Stars one but both kids have loved it9. Bumbo – UNDECIDED10. Exersaucer – YES – first child didn't love it as much as the second!11. Jumper – N/A12. Front Carrier – NO13. Stroller – YES14. Diaper warmer – NO15. Changing table – YES16. Swing – YES17. Lilly Padz – N/A18. Nursing pillow – YES – I never used mine for nursing but great for when your baby is learning to sit up – good support19. Milkies – N/A20. Nipple cream – YES21. Nursing nightgown – No22. Bottle warmer – N/A23. Bottler dishwasher rack – N/A24. Bottle drying rack – N/A25. Highchair – YES26. Booster Seat for Meals – YES27. Burp clothes – YES28. Baby bathtub – YES29. Nasal aspirator – N/A30. Baby fingernail clippers – YES31. Video monitor – N/A – would have loved one though!32. Audio monitor – YES33. Gas drops – UNDECIDED34. Gripe water – UNDECIDED35. Additional Comments/Items? Some sort of noise maker (ie. humidifier, fan – doesn't have to be fancy or expensive) is great esp if you have other children in the house

  5. Playards-yes Bassinet-no, I used the playyard Swaddle Blankets-yes, woombie and miracle blankets Crib-yes SnuggleU-no Rocking chair/glider-no Activity gym-yes Bouncer-no Bumbo-no Exersaucer-yes Jumper-no Front Carrier-no, I love slings! Stroller-yes, I have heavy babies Wet wipe warmer-no Changing table-yes Swing-yes Lilly Padz-n/a Nursing pillow-no Milkies-n/a Nipple cream- yes, but only for my first. I never used it again. Nursing nightgown-yes Bottle warmer-n/a Bottle dishwasher basket-n/a Bottle drying rack-n/a Highchair-yes Booster Seat for Meals-no Burp cloths-yes Baby bathtub-yes Nasal aspirator-yes Baby fingernail clippers-no Video monitor-yes Audio monitor-yes Gas drops-yes Gripe water-n/a Additional Comments/Items? My favorite thing is my sling and that item wasn't really listed. My fourth baby didn't like it much once he could walk, but the rest would stay in it forever if I needed them contained until they were 2 years old.

  6. Playards YESBassinet- NO, our babies go straight to their cribsSwaddle Blankets- YES, miracle blanket is my favCrib- YESSnuggleU-NARocking chair/glider- YESActivity gym- YESBouncer- YESBumbo- YESExersaucer- YESJumper- NO, I would say either this or exersaucerFront Carrier- YES, esp. with multiple childrenStroller- YESWet wipe warmer- NOChanging table- YESSwing- YESLilly Padz- NANursing pillow- YESMilkies- NANipple cream- YESNursing nightgown- NOBottle warmer- NOBottle dishwasher basket- YES, great for baby utensils too!Bottle drying rack- YESHighchair- YESBooster Seat for Meals- YESBurp clothes- YES, many!Baby bathtub- YESNasal aspirator- YES, Nose Frieda!Baby fingernail clippers- YESVideo monitor- YES!!!Audio monitor- YESGas drops-YES, although my 3 have rarely needed them.Gripe water- NAAdditional Comments/Items? I love baby gear too!!

  7. Playards – YESBassinet- NOSwaddle Blankets – YESCrib – YESSnuggleU – N/ARocking chair/glider – UNDECIDED (didn't have and did fine but wish I'd had)Activity gym – UNDECIDED (didn't have and did fine but wish I'd had)Bouncer – YESBumbo – UNDECIDED (used some but didn't seem essential)Exersaucer – UNDECIDED (didn't have and did fine but wish I'd had)Jumper – NOFront Carrier – YESStroller – YESWet wipe warmer N/AChanging table – YESSwing – YESLilly Padz – YES (used disposables, but were essential!!)Nursing pillow -YESMilkies – N/ANipple cream – NO (had it and used it a couple times but didn't need it)Nursing nightgown – YES (Doesn't have to be specifically nursing, but must be accessible)Bottle warmer – N/ABottle dishwasher basket – N/ABottle drying rack – N/AHighchair – YESBooster Seat for Meals – N/ABurp clothes – YESBaby bathtub – NO (used sink and then regular tub. Tried baby tub once but to messy and hard to get baby clean)Nasal aspirator – UNDECIDED (used but didn't work well)Baby fingernail clippers – YESVideo monitor – YESAudio monitor – N/AGas drops – N/AGripe water – N/A

  8. Playards YESBassinet UNDECIDEDSwaddle Blankets YES!!Crib YESSnuggleU N/ARocking chair/glider N/AActivity gym YESBouncer YES We didn't have a swing so this was my go-to when baby wasn't napping wellBumbo N/AExersaucer N/AJumper N/AFront Carrier YES I have used both an Ergo and a homemade Moby wrap. Both are fabulous.Stroller YESWet wipe warmer N/AChanging table YES We use the top of a short dresserSwing N/ALilly Padz N/ANursing pillow UNDECIDED I didn't breastfeed long enough to know whether or not it was worth it.Milkies N/ANipple cream UNDECIDED Again, didn't breastfeed long enough to know if it was worth it.Nursing nightgown N/ABottle warmer N/ABottle dishwasher basket N/ABottle drying rack N/AHighchair N/ABooster Seat for Meals YESBurp clothes YESBaby bathtub UNDECIDEDNasal aspirator YESBaby fingernail clippers YESVideo monitor N/AAudio monitor YES Only used ours for the first few monthsGas drops YESGripe water N/A

  9. Playards Yes Bassinet Yes Swaddle Blankets YES! Crib Yes SnuggleU n/a Rocking chair/glider undecided Activity gym Yes Bouncer Yes Bumbo Yes Exersaucer Yes Jumper Yes Front Carrier Yes Stroller Yes Wet wipe warmer Undecided Changing table No Swing Yes Lilly Padz Undecided (they don't work the greatest with a heavy let down. They are difficult to remove without spilling milk everywhere) Nursing pillow Yes Milkies N/A Nipple cream No Nursing nightgown No Bottle warmer No Bottle dishwasher basket No Bottle drying rack No Highchair Yes Booster Seat for Meals Undecided Burp clothes YES Baby bathtub Yes Nasal aspirator Yes Baby fingernail clippers Yes Video monitor No Audio monitor Yes Gas drops Yes Gripe water N/a Additional Comments/Items?

  10. Playards – yes…our daughter slept in one for the first couple months, then it was great for travelBassinet – never used oneSwaddle Blankets – yes, but only for a month or soCrib – yesSnuggleU – never used oneRocking chair/glider – yes…our daughter has a hard time concentrating/settling down when I don't feed her from the gliderActivity gym – never used oneBouncer – never used oneBumbo – never used oneExersaucer – yes…our daughter loves hers!Jumper – yes…our daughter loves hers!Front Carrier – yes…I use my Bjorn all the timeStroller – no…we hardly ever use our fancy one…wish I would have bought an cheaper umbrella strollerWet wipe warmer – never used oneChanging table – never used oneSwing – yes…but only for a couple months since our daughter outgrew hers quicklyLilly Padz – never used themNursing pillow – no…was not helpful and got in the wayMilkies – never used themNipple cream – yes…but I still got mastitis (was hospitalized when I went septic, which caused me to lose my supply)Nursing nightgown – never used oneBottle warmer – never used oneBottle dishwasher basket – never used one…I set up 2 cooling racks next to my sink to help dry clean bottles…I was told not to put bottles in the dishwasher since the heat could make them non-BPA freeBottle drying rack – never used one…see previous answerHighchair – yesBooster Seat for Meals – haven't used one yet…our daughter is not old enoughBurp clothes – yes…I like the Aden & Anais ones from Target that double as a bibBaby bathtub – never used one…I always laid our baby flat on her back in 2-3 inches of water…she loves being able to kick in the waterNasal aspirator – never had to use mineBaby fingernail clippers – yes…I have to use them 1-2 times per weekVideo monitor – never used oneAudio monitor – yes…our master bedroom is too far away from the nursery to get by without oneGas drops – never used themGripe water – never used thisAdditional Comments/Items? – one thing I use all the time is a baby tracker app on my phone…it is very helpful in monitoring our daughter's naps, feedings, diaper changes, etc.

  11. Playards – YES Bassinet – NO Swaddle Blankets – YES (WOOMBIE) Crib – YES SnuggleU Rocking chair/glider – YES Activity gym – YES Bouncer – YES Bumbo – UNDECIDED Exersaucer – UNDECIDED Jumper – UNDECIDED Front Carrier – NO Stroller – YES Wet wipe warmer – NO Changing table – NO Swing – NO Lilly Padz Nursing pillow – NO Milkies Nipple cream – YES Nursing nightgown – NO Bottle warmer Bottle dishwasher basket Bottle drying rack Highchair – YES Booster Seat for Meals – YES Burp clothes – YES Baby bathtub – NO Nasal aspirator – YES Baby fingernail clippers – NO Video monitor – YES Audio monitor – YES Gas drops – YES Gripe water Additional Comments/Items?

  12. Pack and play–YES- with changing table and full size bassinet insert (especially if you have a 2 story house)Bassinet–YES Swaddle blanket–NO Crib–YES SnuggleU–NORocking chair/glider–YES- glider is a must; this is a "splurge" item if you are watching your budgetActivity gym–YESBouncer–YES Bumbo–YES- (with a tray)Exersaucer–N/AJumper–N/A (yet)Front Carrier–YES- I love my moby wrap Stroller–YES Diaper warmer–NO- TOTAL wasteChanging table–YES- I prefer the changing pad on top of a dresser so it grows with the child. Does that count? Swing–YES Lilly Padz–N/ANursing pillow–YES Milkies–N/ANipple cream–YES Nursing nightgown–N/ABottle warmer–NO- a glass of water heated in the mircowave works betterBottler dishwasher rack–NOBottle drying rack–YESHighchair–YES- I love the convertible one that straps to a normal chair- great spacesaverBooster Seat for Meals–N/ABurp clothes–YES Baby bathtub–YES Nasal aspirator–YES- love the snot sucker by nosefridaBaby fingernail clippers–YES Video monitor–N/AAudio monitor–YES Gas drops–YES Gripe water–N/AAdditional Comments/Items? Not a huge fan of pacifiers, but we have one for emergencies (OT in church, airplanes, etc). Mine loves the wubbanub- it stays in well and she can play with it too 🙂

  13. Pack and play–NoBassinet–YESSwaddle blanket–YESCrib–YESSnuggleU–NARocking chair/glider–YESActivity gym–NoBouncer–YESBumbo–YesExersaucer–NAJumper–YESFront Carrier–YesStroller–YESDiaper warmer–NOChanging table–YESSwing–YESLilly Padz–? Unsure, but if these are breast pads, then big yesNursing pillow–YESMilkies–NANipple cream–YESNursing nightgown–NOBottle warmer–NABottler dishwasher rack–NOBottle drying rack–YESHighchair–YESBooster Seat for Meals–NABurp clothes–UNDECIDEDBaby bathtub–YESNasal aspirator–YESBaby fingernail clippers–YESVideo monitor–NAAudio monitor–YESGas drops–NOGripe water–NOAdditional Comments/Items? We LOVE our faux sheepskin lambie floor mat. She's laid on it every single day for seven months. The play gym was too over stimulating for her as a baby, so she's always just been on her mat with a few toys. Also, a Safe-T-Sleep. I think this is an Australian thing (you can find it on EBay Australia or google), but it prevents sliding in an inclined cot, and rolling.Breast pump

  14. I want to preface this with the fact that I haven't tried a lot of the products. This was very intentional as we wanted to keep things as simple as possible. I think it has worked well for us with the items we have selected to use. Playards – yesBassinet – NA? (used pack n play bassinet insert)Swaddle Blankets – yes (especially love the aden and anais. They are big and stretchy and work great.)Crib – NA (used pack n play as crib)SnuggleU – yes? (we created our own version with rice bags but it was very useful)Rocking chair/glider – yesActivity gym – yes (sort of – again we created our own version by just hanging some soft toys from a ribbon under the end of a small table)Bouncer – NABumbo – NAExersaucer – NA Jumper – undecided Front Carrier – yes (used a moby wrap – it's been great)Stroller – NA (well, we did get a jogger so I can run with her, but so far we haven't used anything but the front carrier till she gets older)Wet wipe warmer – NA (we use cloth wipes with warm water)Changing table – yes (I have one with the pack and play otherwise I probably wouldn't have gotten one, but it's actually been really great.)Swing – No (borrowed one from a friend for a while, but she didn't really like it.)Lilly Padz – NANursing pillow – No (tried one for a little while from a friend, but it didn't seem all that great for us.)Milkies – NANipple cream – yesNursing nightgown – NA (I already had some regualr nightgowns that worked will with nursing though.)Bottle warmer – NABottle dishwasher basket – NABottle drying rack – NAHighchair – NA (we opted to just go with a booster instead to save space and money)Booster Seat for Meals – yesBurp clothes – yes (but I don't feel like I needed as many as people implied)Baby bathtub – NA (we just use the sink)Nasal aspirator – yesBaby fingernail clippers – undecided (I'm not convinced that regular fingernail clippers wouldn't work just fine)Video monitor – NAAudio monitor – NA (we have a small house)Gas drops – NAGripe water – Undecided (I got it and used it a bit, but I'm not sure it helped or maybe that just wasn't what was bothering her)Additional Comments/Items? Nipple Shield – I'm not sure I would have made it through the first 4 weeks or so of breastfeeding without it!

  15. 1. Playards yes2. Bassinet no3. Swaddle Blankets yes–Aden + Anais; I also have 44"x44" cotton knit blanket that is single layer and works great until the weather gets too warm4. Crib yes5. SnuggleU N/A6. Rocking chair/glider no–get a recliner that rocks instead7. Activity gym yes8. Bouncer N/A9. Bumbo N/A10. Exersaucer yes11. Jumper N/A12. Front Carrier yes I love the Moby wrap 13. Stroller yes, but I'd buy a smaller one next time14. Wet wipe warmer N/A15. Changing table no16. Swing no17. Lilly Padz N/A18. Nursing pillow yes19. Milkies N/A20. Nipple cream yes, lansinoh, although I only use it on my nursing pads to keep them from sticking to me 21. Nursing nightgown N/A22. Bottle warmer N/A23. Bottle dishwasher basket no24. Bottle drying rack N/A25. Highchair yes26. Booster Seat for Meals yes27. Burp cloths yes28. Baby bathtub yes29. Nasal aspirator no–the hospital one I hardly used and was way better than the one I bought anyway30. Baby fingernail clippers yes31. Video monitor N/A32. Audio monitor yes33. Gas drops N/A34. Gripe water N/A35. Additional Comments/Items?I thought baby mittens (to keep from scratching) were a waste of money. I think good nursing pads (I like Johnson & Johnson) are worth the money

  16. Pack and play–YESBassinet–no…we used our pack n play for this.Swaddle blanket–No…we used halo sleep sacks with swaddle for 2 weeks then no more swaddleCrib–YESSnuggleU–N/aRocking chair/glider–NoActivity gym–yesBouncer–NoBumbo–Yes…we got the prince lionhart and used it all the time to feed her in at home and when travelingExersaucer–UNDECIDEDJumper–YESFront Carrier–YesStroller–YESDiaper warmer–NOChanging table–No…used a pad on the dresserSwing–NoLilly Padz–N/aNursing pillow–YESMilkies–n/aNipple cream–NoNursing nightgown–No…slept in nursing tanksBottle warmer–NABottler dishwasher rack–NABottle drying rack–NAHighchair–YESBooster Seat for Meals–N/aBurp clothes–YESBaby bathtub–No…used the sponge for $5Nasal aspirator–YESBaby fingernail clippers–YESVideo monitor–YESAudio monitor–noGas drops–N/aGripe water–YES

  17. Pack and play–YESBassinet–no…we used our pack n play for this.Swaddle blanket–YesCrib–YESSnuggleU–N/aRocking chair/glider–YesActivity gym–Yes (Taggies)Bouncer–NoBumbo–NoExersaucer–UNDECIDEDJumper–UndecidedFront Carrier–YesStroller–YESDiaper warmer–NOChanging table–YesSwing–YesLilly Padz–N/aNursing pillow–YES (My Brest Friend)Milkies–n/aNipple cream–NoNursing nightgown–YesBottle warmer–N/ABottler dishwasher rack–YesBottle drying rack–NoHighchair–YESBooster Seat for Meals–N/aBurp clothes–YESBaby bathtub–YesNasal aspirator–YESBaby fingernail clippers–YES (Scissors, not clippers. Piyo Piyo makes baby safe rounded scissors)Video monitor–YESAudio monitor–NoGas drops–N/aGripe water–N/A

  18. Playards-yesBassinet-yesSwaddle Blankets–noCrib-yesSnuggleU-noRocking chair/glider-yesActivity gym-yesBouncer-yesBumbo-noExersaucer-undecidedJumper-noFront Carrier-yesStroller-yesWet wipe warmer-noChanging table-noSwing-noLilly Padz-NANursing pillow-yesMilkies-NANipple cream-yesNursing nightgown-noBottle warmer-noBottle dishwasher basket-yesBottle drying rack-noHighchair-yesBooster Seat for Meals-NABurp clothes-yesBaby bathtub-yes, but I like the mesh chair that folds upNasal aspirator-noBaby fingernail clippers-yesVideo monitor-noAudio monitor-yesGas drops-yesGripe water-NAAdditional Comments/Items?A really good lotion!

  19. Playards yes Bassinet no Swaddle Blankets yes Crib yes SnuggleU NA Rocking chair/glider yes Activity gym yes Bouncer yes Bumbo no Exersaucer yes Jumper A Front Carrier yes if multiple children (easier to keep both hands open to use when out) Stroller yes Wet wipe warmer yes Changing table no (we use the dresser w/ a pad on top) Swing yes Lilly Padz NA Nursing pillow yes Milkies NA Nipple cream yes Nursing nightgown NA Bottle warmer no Bottle dishwasher basket yes Bottle drying rack no Highchair no (used booster) Booster Seat for Meals yes Burp clothes yes Baby bathtub yes Nasal aspirator yes Baby fingernail clippers yes Video monitor YES! Audio monitor no Gas drops yes Gripe water yes Additional Comments/Items?

  20. 1. Pack and play – YES2. Bassinet – NO3. Swaddle blanket – never used… I just used receiving blankets4. Crib – YES5. SnuggleU – NA (I use a sling… lots)6. Rocking chair/glider – YES… glider7. Activity gym – NO8. Bouncer – NO9. Bumbo – NA10. Exersaucer – NO11. Jumper – NO12. Front Carrier – NO (I prefer my sling)13. Stroller – YES14. Diaper warmer – NA15. Changing table – NO16. Swing – NO17. Lilly Padz – NA18. Nursing pillow – NA19. Milkies – NA20. Nipple cream – MAYBE (used a medicated one once because urgently needed)21. Nursing nightgown – NO (prefer t-shirt and pajama pants)22. Bottle warmer – NA (don't use bottles)23. Bottler diswasher rack – NA24. Bottle drying rack – NA25. Highchair – YES, I love using the little portable ones that you strap to a regular kitchen chair26. Booster seat for meals – NO, I use the little highchair… it slides under the table when the tray comes off)27. Burp cloths – NA, I just use a receiving blanket28. Baby bathtub – NA29. Nasal aspirator – YES, if needed… not all my babies were mucousy30. Baby fingernail clippers – YES31. Video monitor – NA32. Audio monitor – YES, although I've done without too… depends on the house33. Gas drops – NA34. Gripe water – NO35. Baby quilts – YES, I have one for each of my 8 children and they are used so much around here.I've had 8 babies (and a few foster babes) and even though I've tried several of the listed baby gear, there aren't too many that I've hung onto. Babies need warmth, milk, and love… all available in mommy's arms.

  21. Playards – NABassinet – YesSwaddle Blankets – YesCrib – YesSnuggleU – NA (But wishing now we had bought one!)Rocking chair/glider – NAActivity gym – YesBouncer – YesBumbo – YesExersaucer – YesJumper – YesFront Carrier – No (we tried; our baby hates it!)Stroller – YesWet wipe warmer – NoChanging table – No (we use a dresser)Swing – NALilly Padz – No (I just didn't like them)Nursing pillow – NoMilkies – NANipple cream – YESNursing nightgown – YesBottle warmer – NABottle dishwasher basket – NABottle drying rack – NAHighchair – NABooster Seat for Meals – NABurp clothes – YesBaby bathtub – NoNasal aspirator – NABaby fingernail clippers – YesVideo monitor – YesAudio monitor – YesGas drops – YesGripe water – YesAdditional Comments/Items? I never bought a glider, but I do have a nursing stool and like it.

  22. 1. Playards – NA2. Bassinet – NA3. Swaddle Blankets – Yes (inc. the zip-up kind http://www.lovemebaby.com.au – no, am not affiliated with them)4. Crib – Yes5. SnuggleU – NA6. Rocking chair/glider – NA7. Activity gym – Yes8. Bouncer – Yes9. Bumbo – NA10.Exersaucer – NA11.Jumper – Yes12.Front Carrier – Yes (Ergo)13.Stroller – Yes (Stokke pram_14.Wet wipe warmer – NA15.Changing table- Yes16.Swing – NA17.Lilly Padz – NA18.Nursing pillow – Yes (used BrestFriend 1st time round, 2nd time used the maternity pillow from wwwbellybaby.com.au – wish I had got that one sooner!)19.Milkies – NA20.Nipple cream – Yes (2nd time round – Lanolin)21.Nursing nightgown – NA22.Bottle warmer – NA23.Bottle dishwasher basket – NA24.Bottle drying rack – NA25.Highchair (yes, Stokke Tripp Trapp for both babies)26.Booster Seat for Meals – NA27.Burp clothes – Yes (1st time round, got the hang of burping every few minutes with the 2nd, and didn't need them)28.Baby bathtub – Yes (Flexibath)29.Nasal aspirator – Yes (from Nose Frieda, don't like the 'conventional' ones)30.Baby fingernail clippers – Yes31.Video monitor – Yes! (Target for 1st one, still use it, and iBaby for 2nd)32.Audio monitor – No, didn't like mine, didn't end up using it, got a video monitor instead33.Gas drops – NA34.Gripe water – Yes (for 1st one)Additional Comments/Items?

  23. Playards – yes, absolutely, especially for getting out of the house but still allowing baby to have napsBassinet – no, but if you can get one for free, nice to haveSwaddle Blankets – N/ACrib – yesSnuggleU – N/ARocking chair/glider – yesActivity gym – yesBouncer – noBumbo – yes, loved it! we took it everywhere! Her legs were too chubby, but it didn't seem to hurt herExersaucer – noJumper – noFront Carrier – N/AStroller – yesWet wipe warmer – noChanging table – N/ASwing – no, but also nice if you can get one for freeLilly Padz – yesNursing pillow – yes Milkies – N/ANipple cream – yesNursing nightgown – N/A, but based on my experience, sounds like it would be nice to haveBottle warmer – noBottle dishwasher basket – noBottle drying rack – noHighchair – yesBooster Seat for Meals – yesBurp clothes – yesBaby bathtub – yesNasal aspirator – yesBaby fingernail clippers – yesVideo monitor – N/AAudio monitor – N/A, would love to haveGas drops – yesGripe water – noAdditional Comments/Items? – some kind of portable white noise machine or phone app is great – we have lugged a fan everywhere, but it's bulky; also, couldn't have lived without my breast pump; totally worth it to buy a nice Medela one, and also have a hand pump that's smaller to travel with.

  24. 1. Playards – Yes2. Bassinet – Yes3. Swaddle Blankets – YES – one of the most important purchases!4. Crib – Yes5. SnuggleU – NA6. Rocking chair/glider – YES – as comfortable of one as you can find, you'll be spending a lot of time there!7. Activity gym – No8. Bouncer – Yes9. Bumbo – NA10. Exersaucer – NA11. Jumper – NA12. Front Carrier – Yes – we liked our Bjorn but I may have opted for an Ergo13. Stroller – Yes – lightweight and functional (we love our Peg Perego Aria)14. Wet wipe warmer – NA15. Changing table – Yes – we have a topper on a great dresser!16. Swing – Yes!17. Lilly Padz – No!18. Nursing pillow – Yes!19. Milkies – Yes! Only wish I would have known about them sooner, it breaks my heart to think of how much milk I lost before saving it. Liquid gold!20. Nipple cream – No21. Nursing nightgown – No – nursing tanks, much better!22. Bottle warmer – NA23. Bottle dishwasher basket – NA24. Bottle drying rack – NA25. Highchair – Yes26. Booster Seat for Meals – Yes – we use ours as our second high chair and it comes in handy for meals at friends' houses.27. Burp clothes – Yes28. Baby bathtub – Yes29. Nasal aspirator – Yes – steal the one from the hospital!30. Baby fingernail clippers – No – I find that adult ones are much better.31. Video monitor – Yes, especially for toddlers.32. Audio monitor – Yes, especially for infants.33. Gas drops – Yes, who knows if they work but it doesn't hurt to try!34. Gripe water – Yes, same as above.35. Additional Comments/Items? I agree with the previous poster about a breast pump – priceless not only for going back to work but during maternity leave I would pump a bottle so that my husband could do the dream feed. That long stretch of sleep was priceless! Agree on the white noise machine / fans as well, our one and three year olds still use them every nap/night!

  25. 1.Playards – YES2.Bassinet -NO (we used the pack n play instead of a bassinet)3.Swaddle Blankets-YES4.Crib-YES5.SnuggleU-No6.Rocking chair/glider-No7.Activity gym-Yes8.Bouncer-No-Our Swing came with a seat that came off and we used it instead of buying a bouncer.9.Bumbo-Yes10.Exersaucer-YES11.Jumper-Yes, One that hooked to the doorway.12.Front Carrier-Yes13.Stroller-Yes14.Wet wipe warmer-NO15.Changing table-Yes(but it really was just a plain dresser that we put a pad on top.16.Swing-YES17.Lilly Padz-No18.Nursing pillow-YES Boppy!19.Milkies-YES. It was great after I figured it out in my routine.20.Nipple cream-Yes for the first week.21.Nursing nightgown-Yes, it was given to me.22.Bottle warmer-No23.Bottle dishwasher basket-Yes24.Bottle drying rack-No25.Highchair-Yes..Buy a convertible one. We still use our booster seat that came with our original high chair.26.Booster Seat for Meals-No. We didn't buy a seperate booster seat.27.Burp clothes-YES28.Baby bathtub-Yes29.Nasal aspirator-NO the Hospital gave us the best one!30.Baby fingernail clippers-Yes31.Video monitor-No32.Audio monitor-Yes33.Gas drops-No34.Gripe water-NoAdditional Comments/Items?

  26. My Answers:Pack and play–YESBassinet–NO, just get a playard that has the bassinet featureSwaddle blanket–YES, prefer muslin type, such as Aden and Anais, for spring/summer babiesCrib–YESSnuggleU–NARocking chair/glider–NO, had a rocker recliner instead, the recliner was the best for breastfeedingActivity gym–YESBouncer–YESBumbo–NOExersaucer–NAJumper–YES, after the swing and bouncer this is her favorite itemFront Carrier–NO, we bought one used so glad I didn't pay full price Stroller–YES, get a snapngo type for the first few months alsoDiaper warmer–NOChanging table–NO, just had a changing pad on a dresserSwing–YESLilly Padz–NANursing pillow–YES, love the Boppy!Milkies–NANipple cream–YESNursing nightgown–NOBottle warmer–NABottler dishwasher rack–YES, I don't use it for bottles but to hold baby spoons, straws, etcBottle drying rack–NAHighchair–YESBooster Seat for Meals–YES, travel one is especially helpfulBurp clothes–YES, prefer Burpy bibs from Aden and AnaisBaby bathtub–YESNasal aspirator–YESBaby fingernail clippers–YESVideo monitor–N/AAudio monitor–YESGas drops–NO, did not work for usGripe water–N/AAdditional items – diaper basket, changing pad liners so you don't have to change the changing pad cover each time an accident happens, nursing cover, nursing stool, breast pump, SwaddleMe and Halo Swaddle sacks, saline nose drops, boogie wipes, diaper pail (arm and hammer), car seat strap covers and car seat head/body support, white noise machine

  27. Playards-Yes. Used only for traveling though, so if you only travel to places that have cribs, not really a necessity. Used it at my parents house, but now they have a crib, so not sure I will use it much with the second baby. Hotels have portable cribs you can use. Bassinet-NoSwaddle Blankets-Yes. Loved the Miracle Blanket and SwaddleMe. Crib-Yes. Get extra crib sheets and mattress protectors! I like having 3 sets. SnuggleU-Didn't Use, though wish I had known about it in time! Rocking chair/glider-Yes. With ottoman! Activity gym-YesBouncer-YesBumbo-NoExersaucer-Yes…Though not really a must have. Just a fun option for babiesJumper-Didn't useFront Carrier-Yes. Used a ton with my son, not so much with my daughter. Son hated the stroller, so a front carrier was a must for grocery store, mall, etc. Stroller-Yes. Jogging and smaller umbrella like stroller. Wet wipe warmer-No.Changing table-YesSwing-Yes. Lilly Padz-Didn't use. Nursing pillow-Yes. Boppy. Milkies-Didn't use.Nipple cream-Yes. But buy the smallest tube you can. Only used a tiny bit, but was much needed for the first week or so. Nursing nightgown-No, but I used nursing tanks which were nice for night and day. The only nursing clothes I bought other than bras. Bottle warmer-No. Bottle dishwasher basket-No. Bottle drying rack-Yes. Highchair-Yes. Booster Seat for Meals-Yes.Burp clothes-Yes-just the cheap old white cloth diapersBaby bathtub-No. Just used a sponge in the regular bathtub. Nasal aspirator-Yes. Baby fingernail clippers-No, just used small adult ones. Video monitor-YES. Love mine still for my 3 year old. Audio monitor-n/a. Only used the video one. Gas drops-Yes, for the first few months. Gripe water-No. Additional Comments/Items? I LOVE the Boppy Newborn Lounger. Also, a breast pump is a definite necessity. And a nice thicker soft blanket for laying baby on the floor to play and move without a toy gym constantly over his/her face. (though I do like the gym for some waketimes). White Noise machine. Something to incline the crib if baby has reflux (both mine did). Love the Aden and Anais Swaddle blankets for swaddling and light blanket in the carseat.

  28. Have 2 kids so if there are 2 answers it is because they were opposite:Pack and play–YESBassinet–NOSwaddle blanket–NO/YESCrib–YESSnuggleU–YESRocking chair/glider–YESActivity gym–YESBouncer–YESBumbo–UNDECIDEDExersaucer–YES- both LOVEDJumper–YES!Front Carrier–NOStroller–YESDiaper warmer–NOChanging table–YESSwing–NO/YESLilly Padz–NANursing pillow–YESMilkies–NANipple cream–YESNursing nightgown–NOBottle warmer–NABottler dishwasher rack–YESBottle drying rack–YESHighchair–YESBooster Seat for Meals–YESBurp clothes–YESBaby bathtub–NONasal aspirator–YES- love the FRIDABaby fingernail clippers–YESVideo monitor–YESAudio monitor–YESGas drops–NOGripe water–NO

  29. Mother of one 8-month-oldPlayards – YESBassinet – NO (used the pack-n-play)Swaddle Blankets – YES (Aden + Anais)Crib – YESSnuggleU – HAVEN'T USEDRocking chair/glider – NOActivity gym – YESBouncer – YESBumbo – YES (I didn't have one, but I have tried it and would get one on sale for my next baby)Exersaucer – YESJumper – HAVEN'T USEDFront Carrier – YESStroller – YESWet wipe warmer – NO (I haven't actually used one, but I didn't use one and diaper changes were fine)Changing table – YESSwing – YESLilly Padz – HAVEN'T USEDNursing pillow – NOMilkies – HAVEN'T USEDNipple cream – YESNursing nightgown – NO (I slept in nursing tanks and they were fabulous)Bottle warmer – NOBottle dishwasher basket – YES (also good for small toys and various things)Bottle drying rack – NOHighchair – NO (used a booster from the start)Booster Seat for Meals – YES (we used this instead of a high chair)Burp cloths – YES (I still have the littered strategically around the house)Baby bathtub – NONasal aspirator – NO (I use the free one from the hospital, but I wouldn't buy one; I haven't found them to work so well)Baby fingernail clippers – NO (I use adult cuticle clippers and they are wonderful)Video monitor – YESAudio monitor – HAVEN"T USEDGas drops – NOGripe water – YES

  30. 1. Playards yes (use it as his crib)2. Bassinet n/a3. Swaddle Blankets yes4. Crib n/a5. SnuggleU n/a6. Rocking chair/glider no7. Activity gym yes8. Bouncer yes9. Bumbo no10. Exersaucer yes11. Jumper yes12. Front Carrier definitely yes13. Stroller yes14. Wet wipe warmer n/a15. Changing table yes (with clothes storage space underneath)16. Swing yes17. Lilly Padz n/a18. Nursing pillow no19. Milkies n/a20. Nipple cream yes (lanolin)21. Nursing nightgown n/a22. Bottle warmer n/a23. Bottle dishwasher basket n/a24. Bottle drying rack n/a25. Highchair yes26. Booster Seat for Meals yes27. Burp clothes yes28. Baby bathtub yes (saves water)29. Nasal aspirator no30. Baby fingernail clippers n/a31. Video monitor n/a32. Audio monitor definitely yes33. Gas drops no34. Gripe water noAdditional Comments/Items?

  31. Playards yes-we travel a lot!Bassinet no, we used a crib from the beginning. Dd's room was next to oursSwaddle Blankets yesCrib yes, but you could put off the purchase several monthsSnuggleURocking chair/glider yes, at least somewhere to sit Activity gym yesBouncer yesBumboExersaucer yesJumper no, but some babies love itFront Carrier yes, for shopping in stores without cartsStroller yesWet wipe warmer Changing table yes, it keeps all the supplies in one spotSwing yesLilly PadzNursing pillow yesMilkiesNipple cream yesNursing nightgown no, no I gave up and just wore a t-shirt to bedBottle warmerBottle dishwasher basket yes, it's great for anything small, like pump partsBottle drying rackHighchair yes, we use the Fisher price space saverBooster Seat for Meals yesBurp clothes yes, we just used Gerber diapersBaby bathtub yes, totally not necessary thoughNasal aspirator yes, target one you can suck!Baby fingernail clippers yesVideo monitor unsure, if you can afford itAudio monitor yes, we like our Sony oneGas dropsGripe waterAdditional Comments/Items?

  32. 1-Pack and play–Yes2-Bassinet–no3-Swaddle blanket–YES4-Crib–YES5-SnuggleU–NA6-Rocking chair/glider–YES7-Activity gym–YES8-Bouncer-Yes9-Bumbo–UNDECIDED10-Exersaucer–YES11-Jumper–NA12-Front Carrier–YES13-Stroller–YES14-Diaper warmer–NA15-Changing table–YES16-Swing–UNDECIDED17-Lilly Padz–NA18-Nursing pillow–YES19-Milkies–YES20-Nipple cream–YES21-Nursing nightgown–YES22-Bottle warmer–NA23-Bottler dishwasher rack–NA24-Bottle drying rack–NA25-Highchair–No26-Booster Seat for Meals–YES27-Burp clothes–YES28-Baby bathtub–YES29-Nasal aspirator–YES30-Baby fingernail clippers–No31-Video monitor–NA32-Audio monitor–YES33-Gas drops–Yes34-Gripe water–NAAdditional Comments/Items? We never had a stand alone high chair. We have the kind that goes from a reclining booster and tray table (at 4 months) to a booster seat for toddler and older. It buckles into a normal chair. Saves so much space. We have a bassinet with both kids but if you have a pack n play with the bassinet feature you don't need both. I think an exersaucer and a jumper are interchangeable. You don't need both.

  33. Playards – yes, we were given the Baby Bjorn one and it is so nice and lightweight!Bassinet – No (in our situation – we were given my husband's childhood cradle, and my son refused to sleep in it!)Swaddle Blankets – YesCrib – YesSnuggleU – YesRocking chair/glider – YesActivity gym – Yes! FP Safari theme was great!Bouncer – YesBumbo – Yes (but if you have to skimp on something, this would be it…it was a gift for us, but I don't know that I would call it a necessity.)Exersaucer – NAJumper – YesFront Carrier – Yes (My son LOVED being in this at the grocery store from 6mo plus forward facing!)Stroller – Yes (City Mini or Bob Revolution!)Wet wipe warmer – NAChanging table – No (honestly I rarely use it…I'm always changing my son in the living room.)Swing – YesLilly Padz – NANursing pillow – Yes, BoppyMilkies – NANipple cream – YesNursing nightgown – NABottle warmer – NABottle dishwasher basket – NABottle drying rack – NAHighchair – No (we got a FP booster seat with tray that attaches to a chair – space saving and much cheaper!!!)Booster Seat for Meals – YesBurp clothes – YesBaby bathtub – YesNasal aspirator – YesBaby fingernail clippers – YesVideo monitor – YesAudio monitor – NAGas drops – YesGripe water – NAAdditional Comments/Items? Boppy Newborn Lounger Pillow…absolutely amazing!!! My son loved this and slept in it for naps for first few weeks of life…now is my standard gift for baby showers!!!

  34. Playards-YES, especially good for travelBassinet-NASwaddle Blankets-NACrib-YESSnuggleU-NARocking chair/glider-UNDECIDED, depends on the price of the glider and how your home is set upActivity gym-YESBouncer-NO, we have a bouncer and no swing and I def wish it was reversed :)Bumbo-YES, I LOVE the Bumbo, esp. for use while I'm working in the kitchen and there's no good place to set a baby who can't yet sit up on their ownExersaucer-YESJumper-NAFront Carrier-UNDECIDED, prob more handy if it's not your first childStroller-YESWet wipe warmer-NAChanging table-YESSwing-NALilly Padz-NANursing pillow-YES, love the boppy!Milkies-NANipple cream-YES, extremely helpful Nursing nightgown-UNDECIDED, I use nursing tank tops at night b/c I needed something to hold nursing pads in place and I would vote absolutely yes for the tops, but never tried an actual nightgown…Bottle warmer-NABottle dishwasher basket-NABottle drying rack-NAHighchair-YESBooster Seat for Meals-NA, we went straight from highchair to reg. chairBurp clothes-YESBaby bathtub-YESNasal aspirator-NABaby fingernail clippers-YESVideo monitor-NAAudio monitor-UNDECIDED, depends on the size of your house, if you are outdoors a lot, etc.Gas drops-NAGripe water-NAAdditional Comments/Items?

  35. Pack and play–YESBassinet–Never used oneSwaddle blanket–YESCrib–YESSnuggleU–Never used oneRocking chair/glider–YESActivity gym–NOBouncer–YES–absolutely a must have I thinkBumbo–NOExersaucer–YESJumper–YES–but our son loved jumping before we got it. I could see this one depending on the kidFront Carrier–YES–this is how to go grocery shopping before your kid can sit!Stroller–YESDiaper warmer–NOChanging table–YESSwing–NOLilly Padz–Never usedNursing pillow–NOMilkies–Never usedNipple cream–NONursing nightgown–Never used oneBottle warmer–Never used oneBottle dishwasher rack–YESBottle drying rack–Never used oneHighchair–YESBooster Seat for Meals–UNDECIDEDBurp clothes–Never used, we just use cloth diapersBaby bathtub–YESNasal aspirator–Never used oneBaby fingernail clippers–YESVideo monitor–YESAudio monitor–YES–most video monitors have audio, we don't have a separate oneGas drops–Never usedGripe water–Never used

  36. Pack and play–YES Bassinet–NO Swaddle blanket–NO Crib–YES SnuggleU–NO Rocking chair/glider–NO Activity gym–NO Bouncer–NO Bumbo–NO Exersaucer–MAYBE Jumper–NO Front Carrier–YES!!!!! Stroller–NOT FOR INFANT BUT FOR TODDLER! (I NEVER leave my babies in their car seat unless we are in the car.) Diaper warmer–NO Changing table–USED WITH FIRST, NOT WITH SECOND Swing–YES!!!!!! Lilly Padz–NO Nursing pillow–NO WITH FULL-TERM, USED WITH PREEMIE IN NICU Milkies–NO Nipple cream–YES Nursing nightgown–YES Bottle warmer–MAYBE FOR HIGH LIPASE IN BREASTMILK BUT DO NOT BOTTLE FEED Bottler dishwasher rack–NO Bottle drying rack–NO Highchair–YES, ONE FOR THE REGULAR CHAIR BUT NOT STAND-ALONE Booster Seat for Meals–YES Burp clothes–YES Baby bathtub–YES FOR FIRST KID, NO FOR SECOND Nasal aspirator–YES Baby fingernail clippers–YES Video monitor–NO Audio monitor–YES Gas drops–NO Gripe water–NO Additional Comments/Items? As you can see, I am NOT much into baby gear listed here. I wonder how my own list would look. This might be giving me the baby bug!

  37. 1. Pack and Play- YES2. Bassinet – NO3. Swaddle blanket- YES4. Crib – YES5. SnuggleU -N/A6. Rocking chair/glider – YES7. Activity gym – YES8. Bouncer – YES9. Bumbo – NO10. Exersaucer – YES11. Jumperoo – YES12. Front Carrier – NO13. Stroller – YES14. Diaper warmer- NO15. Changing table- NO16. Swing- NO17. Lilly Pads – N/A18. Nursing Pillow – YES19. Milkies – N/A20. Nipple Cream – YES21. Nursing nightgowns- NO22. Bottle Warmer- NO23. Bottle dishwasher rack- N/A24. Bottle drying rack- N/A25. Highchair- YES26. Booster Seat – YES27. Burp cloths- YES28. Baby Bathtub- YES29. Nasal aspirator- YES30. Baby fingernail clippers – NO31. Video monitor- N/A …I wish I could afford one! I want one! so I think this would be YES if I had one!32. Audio monitor- YES33. Gas drops- YES34. Gripe water- YES, YES, YES! So wonderful for getting rid of the hiccups!35. I agree with a previous post. White noise of some kind is necessary. I am using a heater in my daughters room right now, will use a box fan when spring rolls around!

  38. Playards- YESBassinet- NASwaddle Blankets- YESCrib- YESSnuggleU- NARocking chair/glider- NOActivity gym- YESBouncer- NOBumbo- YES (I like the Prince Lionhart brand MUCH better)Exersaucer- NOJumper- NAFront Carrier- NOStroller- YESWet wipe warmer- NAChanging table- YESSwing- NOLilly Padz- NANursing pillow- YESMilkies- NANipple cream- YESNursing nightgown- NABottle warmer- YESBottle dishwasher basket- YESBottle drying rack- YESHighchair- YESBooster Seat for Meals- YESBurp clothes- YESBaby bathtub- YESNasal aspirator- YES (the hospital's are the best)Baby fingernail clippers- YESVideo monitor- NA (but I will buy one for the next)Audio monitor- YESGas drops- NAGripe water- NAAdditional Comments/Items?Diaper bag- YESDiaper rash cream- YES

  39. Playards- YES! Bassinet- No Swaddle Blankets- YESCrib- YESSnuggleU- N/ARocking chair/glider- N/A (didn't have but would have been nice)Activity gym- YesBouncer- Yes- she loved itBumbo- No- we borrowed but I wouldn't have bought seeing as little as we used itExersaucer- YesJumper- N/AFront Carrier- YesStroller- Yes- we used slings & the front carrier until she was big enough for the umbrella strollerWet wipe warmer- N/AChanging table- YesSwing- Yes- the small portable one was greatLilly Padz- N/ANursing pillow- Yes- we used the boppy for sitting/tummy timeMilkies- N/ANipple cream- N/ANursing nightgown- N/ABottle warmer- N/ABottle dishwasher basket- YES!Bottle drying rack- NoHighchair- Yes Booster Seat for Meals- YesBurp clothes- YES!Baby bathtub- N/A used foam in big tub which worked fineNasal aspirator- YESBaby fingernail clippers- YesVideo monitor- N/A But wished we had gotten oneAudio monitor- YesGas drops- Yes but only used a few timesGripe water- N/AAdditional Comments/Items? A few other must-buys in my opinion- Dr. Brown's bottles, teething gel (my daughter got a tooth at 3 months- I was totally unprepared for that), a few light-weight receiving blankets (we double swaddled her with those under the swaddle blanket) a comfortable sling, MAM pacifiers, and most importantly- a white noise sound machine (we got one that did white noise or music- I love it b/c I put the music part one when she does independent play in her room and the white noise when she sleeps)and black out curtains.

  40. 1. Playards: YES2. Bassinet: YES (I used a Moses Basket, but same idea)3. Swaddle Blankets: YES (next baby I will get the kind that zips up, and I will make a baby be swaddled) 4. Crib: YES5. SnuggleU n/a (but I want to get for next baby)6. Rocking chair/glider n/a7. Activity gym: YES8. Bouncer: NO9. Bumbo: NO10. Exersaucer YES (but buy used or borrow)11. Jumper YES12. Front Carrier: NO (hurt my back)13. Stroller: YES (Bumble Ride is a GREAT stroller)14. Wet wipe warmer: NO15. Changing table: NO (use a dresser or bathroom counter)16. Swing: YES (next time I will buy a portable one as well)17. Lilly Padz: n/a18. Nursing pillow: undecided19. Milkies: n/a20. Nipple cream: YES21. Nursing nightgown: YES22. Bottle warmer: YES (but I did not like the Tommee Tippee one we had, definitely it is necessary if you are using it to heat frozen breast milk)23. Bottle dishwasher basket: undecided24. Bottle drying rack: undecided25. Highchair: NO26. Booster Seat for Meals: YES (huge space saver) 27. Burp clothes: YES (lots)28. Baby bathtub: YES (we used the PUJ tub & it hangs flat in your shower for storage…great for small house or taking on trips)29. Nasal aspirator: YES30. Baby fingernail clippers: undecided31. Video monitor: YES32. Audio monitor: YES33. Gas drops: NO34. Gripe water: YES (a sanity saver!!! I recommend this to everyone & give it for baby gifts)Additional Comments/Items? For our next baby, I want to get one of those strollers that is just a "base" and you can clip the infant car seat right on to it, I think it is made by Graco)

  41. 1-Yes2-No3-Yes-Aden&Anais, SwaddleMe4-Yes5-NA6-NA7-Yes8-NA9-No10-Undecided-have one&used with 1st, but may not need it.11-NA12-Yes, Ergo much more comfortable than Infantino13-Yes-We use a heavy duty umbrella version14-NA15-No16-Undecided-using more with 2nd, not always on17-NA18-Yes19-NA20-Yes-Mustela21-NA22-NA23-Yes24-No25-No26-Yes27-Yes28-No29-NA-use bulb syringe30-Yes31-NA32-yes33-Undecided34-NA

  42. Pack and play–NoBassinet–NoSwaddle blanket–NoCrib–YESSnuggleU–N/aRocking chair/glider–YESActivity gym–YESBouncer-yesBumbo–YesExersaucer–YesJumper–NoFront Carrier–NOStroller–YESDiaper warmer–NOChanging table–NoSwing–NoLilly Padz–Nursing pillow–YESMilkies–Nipple cream–NoNursing nightgown–NoBottle warmer–NABottler dishwasher rack–NABottle drying rack–YesHighchair–YESBooster Seat for Meals–YESBurp clothes–YESBaby bathtub–NoNasal aspirator–NoBaby fingernail clippers–NoVideo monitor–NoAudio monitor–YESGas drops–YESGripe water–no

  43. 1. Pack and play – YES2. Bassinet – N/A 3. Swaddle blanket – YES4. Crib – YES5. SnuggleU – N/A6. Rocking chair/glider – YES7. Activity gym – YES8. Bouncer – Undecided – My son was not in love with the bouncer but I am keeping it just in case my next child likes it.9. Bumbo – Undecided10. Exersaucer – N/A11. Jumper – Yes-Even though my son didn't use his for as long as I would have liked.(Once he started crawling he didn't like to be confined and he crawled early)12. Front Carrier – Undecided 13. Stroller – YES14. Diaper warmer – N/A15. Changing table – YES16. Swing – Undecided- It only got used a few times, maybe next child.17. Lilly Padz – N/A18. Nursing pillow – YES – I never used mine for nursing but great for when your baby is learning to sit up – good support19. Milkies – N/A20. Nipple cream – N/A21. Nursing nightgown – N/A22. Bottle warmer – Undecided23. Bottler dishwasher rack -No24. Bottle drying rack -No25. Highchair – YES26. Booster Seat for Meals -N/A27. Burp clothes – YES28. Baby bathtub – YES29. Nasal aspirator – YES-30. Baby fingernail clippers – YES31. Video monitor – N/A – would have loved one though!32. Audio monitor – YES33. Gas drops – Yes34. Gripe water – YES!

  44. Chronicles of a Babywise Mom: Poll Discussion: Baby Gear: Playards – yes!Bassinet – no, our son wouldn't sleep in itSwaddle Blankets – yes – we liked the swaddleme, swaddlepod, and bamboo swaddle blankets the bestCrib – no, next time I would use a mattress on the floorSnuggleU – NARocking chair/glider – yesActivity gym – no – our son loved it, but since I've gone to more of an RIE style of parenting I don't think it is necessary or helpfulBouncer – yes – we didn't own one and I felt very lacking without it. We borrowed one once and it was heaven.Bumbo – no – hardly used once we started RIE parenting (having the child use their own muscles instead of devices)Exersaucer – NAJumper – no, we used it about twice. It was never the right size and then I read about all the cons and sold itFront Carrier – yes – kept me in shape when he was little and I went for walks with him. I used the Bjorn and he liked to face out. The Sleepy Wrap came in helpful, too and was much more comfortable for him but I got it later.Stroller – yes Wet wipe warmer – NAChanging table – yes, we used a make-shift one. It was nice to have things at adult height when he was littleSwing – undecided, I didn't use it much and wish I used it more. It is nice to have but not essentialLilly Padz – NANursing pillow – no – the Boppy never seemed to offer support in the right places for meMilkies – NANipple cream – no – I used it once or twice and found it not helpful. The best thing I found was to not use soap on the nipples and to rub milk in if needed.Nursing nightgown – no, I found a tighter fitting t-shirt was best for meBottle warmer – NABottle dishwasher basket – NABottle drying rack – NAHighchair – yes – made clean-up much easier than when he ate at the tableBooster Seat for Meals – yes – great for when he wanted to be included at the table and got old enough to be cleanerBurp clothes – yes absolutely! couldn't leave the house without a handful. Cut-up flanel worked as well as the real thing.Baby bathtub – yes, we had a blow-up duck tub that he used until it got a hole at 18 months. What a water saver and so soft!Nasal aspirator – yes, we use the kind you can suck the air throughBaby fingernail clippers – yes, we used the cheap ones and they are great and just small enough to be helpfulVideo monitor – NAAudio monitor – yes, made me feel much more comfortable when he started sleeping in his own roomGas drops – yes, couldn't have done newborn without them – he was so incredibly gassy and they seemed to help.Gripe water – NAAdditional Comments/Items?From previous posters, I second the wubbanub, breast pump, baby-size quilt for floor play, white noise machine, and Boppy Newborn Lounger Pillow (loved but not essential – used in place of a bouncy seat)Hylands teething tablets, ibuprofen and Benadryl – we learned the hard way to keep Children's Benadryl on hand "just in case" even if the child is a baby, particularly for emergencies when travelling. Also our baby was an early teether and we didn't realize that was affecting naps. The teething tablets or ibuprofen helped a lot.We also went outside every day from the very beginning so sun protection was really important to us:flap hat (from iPlay), UVA/ UVB sunglasses, rashguard shirt (we put it over whatever else he was wearing), and zinc sunscreenAnd, separately, for the diaper bag, or when we chose not to take the whole bag, we LOVED THE Fold n Go Diapering kit

  45. Pack and play–YESBassinet–NO – used playpen for sleepSwaddle blanket–YESCrib–YESSnuggleU–NARocking chair/glider–YESActivity gym–NABouncer–NABumbo–YESExersaucer–NO – too much stimulationJumper–YESFront Carrier–YES – The Ergo carrier is wonderful, and it can be a rear carrier, too. Stroller–YESDiaper warmer–NAChanging table–YESSwing–UNDECIDED – depends on childLilly Padz–NANursing pillow–YES – Save your back by having the pillow support the baby.Milkies–NANipple cream–YESNursing nightgown–YESBottle warmer–NABottler dishwasher rack–NABottle drying rack–NO – would be yes if we did formula instead of breastfeedingHighchair–YESBooster Seat for Meals–YESBurp clothes–YESBaby bathtub–UNDECIDED – nice for the first couple weeks, then gets in the wayNasal aspirator–YESBaby fingernail clippers–YES – I use little scissors that work wellVideo monitor–NAAudio monitor–YESGas drops–YESGripe water–YESAdditional Comments/Items?Breast pump – yesNoise machine (especially with #2 and beyond)- yesWaterproof changing & mattress pads – yes

  46. Playards – Yes, our daughter slept in hers the first 4 weeks using the bassinet attachment & we've used it for traveling. Bassinet – N/ASwaddle Blankets – Yes, MUST HAVE! Cotton ones for warmer nights, fleece ones for chilly nights.Crib – Yes, we got a pretty solid one used as opposed to getting a flimsier one new. SnuggleU – N/A but would love to try itRocking chair/glider – Yes, or atleast somewhere to sit in the baby room even if you don't plan on rocking the baby to sleep.Activity gym – Yes, gives little babies something to look at & bat at other than just laying on a blanket. Bouncer – Yes, more portable than a swing, more upright than an activity gymBumbo – YesExersaucer – N/AJumper – N/AFront Carrier – Yes, love my Becco & MobyStroller – Yes, and I've enjoyed having the travel system where the infant carseat pops into the stroller. Wet wipe warmer – No, I think it's ridiculous to get your baby used to requiring warm wipes. Changing table – Yes.Swing – Undecided. We were given one, but I wouldn't have bought one. Bouncer accomplished the same thing & was less of a sleep prop.Lilly Padz – N/ANursing pillow – No, waste of moneyMilkies – N/ANipple cream – Yes, def needed it at firstNursing nightgown – No, nursing bras yes, but nursing clothes are a waste IMO. Except maybe tank tops for under things. Bottle warmer – N/A, bottle in hot water has worked fine for us when giving baby expressed breastmilkBottle dishwasher basket – NoBottle drying rack – YesHighchair – N/ABooster Seat for Meals – N/ABurp clothes – Yes, we have 15 Gerber cloth diapers we use as burp cloths. They are a MUST HAVE.Baby bathtub – Yes, we have the big one that sits in your tub. There's one position for when they're tiny & another for once they can sit up. Nasal aspirator – Yes, the snot sucker they gave us as the hospital has been great. Baby fingernail clippers – Yes.Video monitor – Undecided, it was a splurge that a family member spoiled us with. Great for easing our first-time-parent fears. Audio monitor – Yes, especially if baby's room is far from yours. Gas drops – Yes, We used the little remedies. Gripe water – N/A

  47. Playards- YES, and even double yes for the bassinet featureBassinet- N/ASwaddle Blankets- YESCrib- YESSnuggleU- N/ARocking chair/glider- YESActivity gym- YESBouncer- N/A (wish I had one though)Bumbo- NOExersaucer- YESJumper- N/SFront Carrier- YESStroller- YESWet wipe warmer- NOChanging table- YESSwing- YESLilly Padz- N/ANursing pillow- YESMilkies- N/ANipple cream- YESNursing nightgown- NOBottle warmer- N/ABottle dishwasher basket- N/ABottle drying rack- YESHighchair- YESBooster Seat for Meals- N/ABurp clothes- YESBaby bathtub- YESNasal aspirator- YES (but the ones I have didnt work and we did manage fine without, though they may still be important)Baby fingernail clippers- YESVideo monitor- NAAudio monitor- YESGas drops- YESGripe water- N/AAdditional Comments/Items? Baby Einstein videos, crib mobile also great

  48. Pack and play–YESBassinet–NOSwaddle blanket–YESCrib–YESSnuggleU–n/aRocking chair/glider–YESActivity gym–YESBouncer–YESBumbo–UNDECIDEDExersaucer–YESJumper–YESFront Carrier–YESStroller–YESDiaper warmer–NOChanging table–YESSwing–YESLilly Padz–N/aNursing pillow–YES, boppy!Milkies–n/aNipple cream–n/aNursing nightgown–YESBottle warmer–NABottler dishwasher rack–YESBottle drying rack–NOHighchair–YESBooster Seat for Meals–YESBurp clothes–YESBaby bathtub–NONasal aspirator–YESBaby fingernail clippers–YESVideo monitor–n/aAudio monitor–YESGas drops–YESGripe water–n/aAdditional Comments/Items? LOVE and always recommend a BundleME Carseat cover for winter 🙂

  49. Playards – YES Bassinet – NA Swaddle Blankets – YES Crib – YES SnuggleU – NO, IMO you can use a rolled up towel. Rocking chair/glider – YES, but I'd suggest a secondhand one, if you can get it. Makes it much more worth the price. Activity gym – NO, nice but not necessary Bouncer – Yes Bumbo – NO Exersaucer – Yes, but it's better if you can get this secondhand too. Jumper – No Front Carrier – Yes Stroller – Yes, but getting one that has more longevity is probably the most useful. Wet wipe warmer – NO, not at all Changing table – NO, use the top of a dresser, it has more longevity. Swing – Yes! Lilly Padz -NA Nursing pillow – Yes, it does double dutty as a prop when they are little Milkies – NA Nipple cream – No, get the samples from the hospital instead Nursing nightgown – No Bottle warmer – Yes Bottle dishwasher basket – Yes Bottle drying rack – Yes Highchair – No Booster Seat for Meals – Yes, still using ours with our teeny 3.5 year old Burp clothes – No, use cloth diapers Baby bathtub – yes Nasal aspirator – No, the hospital ones are better than the ones you can buy Baby fingernail clippers – Yes, if this is just the small clipper. Better for kids than the full size. Video monitor – no Audio monitor – yes Gas drops – no Gripe water – no Additional Comments/Items?

  50. Playards – yesBassinet – noSwaddle Blankets – yesCrib – yesSnuggleU – NARocking chair/glider – yesActivity gym – noBouncer – yesBumbo – noExersaucer – noJumper – noFront Carrier – noStroller – yesWet wipe warmer – noChanging table – yesSwing – yesLilly Padz – NANursing pillow – noMilkies – NANipple cream – noNursing nightgown – yesBottle warmer – noBottle dishwasher basket – noBottle drying rack -noHighchair – noBooster Seat for Meals – yesBurp clothes -yesBaby bathtub- noNasal aspirator – noBaby fingernail clippers – yesVideo monitor – NAAudio monitor – noGas drops – yesGripe water – NA


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