Poll Results: If Baby Had Witching Hour, What Age Did It Start?

0-2 weeks

  39 (16%)


3-4 weeks

  109 (46%)


5-6 weeks

  38 (16%)


7-8 weeks

  21 (8%)


9-10 weeks

  5 (2%)


11-12 weeks

  5 (2%)


13 weeks or older

  17 (7%)



Votes so far: 234 



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3 thoughts on “Poll Results: If Baby Had Witching Hour, What Age Did It Start?”

  1. My question is: when will it STOP?! haha. My 21mo DD is STILL fussy around 5-6pm! lol. Guess she knows its dinner time 🙂 But in all seriousness, i just think the evenings are not the best time of day for her. I wonder if thats true of lots of kids or not…????

  2. Kelly,My DD (who is the same age as yours) is also fussier, more clingy, more easily frustrated, etc., in the evening around dinnertime as well. I often wonder, what is going on?! what's wrong?! but then I realize it's just the end of the day and who isn't a little bit worn out by this time? I would guess this time of day isn't the best for a lot of kids and adults alike.

  3. Kelly, that would be an interesting poll. I know there are kids like that for sure–I have met them. Brayden was more that way, too. My girls haven't been that way (other than McKenna's extreme case of witching hour as a baby for a while), but Brayden had that "fussy time" for a while.


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