Poll Results: What age did you start blanket time?



5 months or younger

  89 (51%)


6-8 months

  21 (12%)


8-10 months

  17 (9%)


10-12 months

  15 (8%)


12-15 months

  15 (8%)


15-18 months

  8 (4%)


18-24 months

  3 (1%)


2 years or older

  4 (2%)



Votes so far: 172 



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3 thoughts on “Poll Results: What age did you start blanket time?”

  1. Just wanted to leave a comment that we did playpen time for a long time before blanket time. I think we forgot about the transition to blanket time, but when we did (around 15 months) there weren't any issues.

  2. Valerie: I love your blog! I need your advice. My son is almost 13 months. I recently began staying home with him so I'm kind of late at this playpen and blanket time stuff. I just started playpen time last week and it is going pretty good. He does it for about 15 minutes in the morning. I am trying to work up to 45 minutes or so. I tried blanket time yesterday and it did not go well. As soon as I walked out of the room he would follow me. I would tell him to stay on the blanket and he would cry cry cry! I sat back down with him and played and told him to stay on the blanket. Then I'd get up and he'd follow me, then cry when I told him to stay on the blanket, etc… Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!

  3. Paige, with blanket time, you don't leave the room. You need to stay in the room with him, and initially, you need to stay right by him. Read a book or something 🙂 As he gets good at it, you can get up and move around the room, but still stay with him. Good luck!


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