McKenna Pre-Toddler Summary: 17 Months Old

A full summary of life for this 17 month old. Find out what daily life was like and find a 17 month old sample schedule to follow.

17 month old McKenna helping me weed

I cannot believe I have one more month of McKenna being a pre-toddler. I am going to have to accept her not being a baby soon!


I think that McKenna might not ever slow down her eating until she is about 2–if that.

It is a lot of fun to watch her eat. She enjoys it so much and she will eat anything.

McKenna decided she actually does like raspberries, so that is now off her dislike list, also. We now have one item: microwaved hot dogs. I don’t think I will be trying that again (my husband is the one who did that to her). I don’t like them that way, so why should she :)?

Spicing It Up

I have started adding spices to her veggies. I am taking my ideas from the Fresh Baby Cookbook. One of her favorites is adding cinnamon to her yams. 

With Brayden and Kaitlyn, I kept food totally bland. No butter. No salt. Nothing.

I had read in What to Expect the First Year, I think, to keep food bland so they will like it that way. Then when you add spice and such, they will be even happier.

Well, what it really did was produce two children hesitant to eat what we were eating for dinner. They have come around (and Kaitlyn is still getting there), but that is really silly.

I am all for eating vegetables in a healthy state. But something wasn’t adding up.

So with McKenna, I just gave her food exactly how we were eating it so long as it was all safe for her. And she will eat anything and everything. So my current opinion is that is the way I think is best.


McKenna wants a spoon in her hand at all times while she is eating. She is getting better at using the spoon, but still not proficient.


Playing is all the same. Perhaps one note is that she is getting more and more interactive with siblings while she plays. Actually, I started adding sibling play to the day that is official sibling play in my mind. She did really well. 

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Sleep is all perfect. Because of morning activities, we did one nap one day and she definitely is not ready for that. She still needs her morning nap.

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She is still adding new words every day. She is getting good at being able to say what she need to in order to get what she wants. 


We haven’t had any mini-fits in the last two weeks. Things have been calm. She is testing limits quite a bit, but no fit throwing over it.

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McKenna got one new tooth during this period.


This is the end of our summer schedule. Now the real world will come back to us and we will be more structured.

8:45-9:00–wake and eat breakfast. Music time. Bath. Go for a walk.
1:00–wake and eat lunch. Independent play.
5:00-5:30–wake and eat dinner. Various activities.



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6 thoughts on “McKenna Pre-Toddler Summary: 17 Months Old”

  1. Do you only give her milk at every meal? Right now I give my 15 month old 3 sippys of milk a day – before breakfast, before dinner, and before bed … basically cups just replaced bottles. I'm wondering when I need to transition to him not needing/wanting those and only at meal time.

  2. I gave/give my kids milk at mealtime. They drink what they need with the meal.I am not opposed to the child having a sippy of milk when we are driving somewhere or something, though.

  3. did i miss the 18mo and beyond posts? i looked at the toddler summary and it looks like it's for kaityln and not mckenna? trying to find out info on if/how you dropped the 2nd nap. my 17mo will on/off not take her morning nap going on a month now. i don't think she's ready to drop it completely so i still offer it to her everyday, but then when she doesn't take it, it makes it very hard to plan activities and i'm just not sure what to do.


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