McKenna Pre-Toddler Summary: 16.5 Months Old

A full summary of life for this 16.5 month old. Find out what daily life was like and find a 16.5 month old sample schedule to follow.

16.5 month old McKenna

The craziness of summer continued in a major way, and McKenna handled it all like a champ. She really is an easy child, isn’t she?


Still eating well. Still eating a whole lot. Still leaving people speachless on how much she eats.

McKenna has decided she does like tomatoes after all, so that is off her dislike list. 


She was starting to scream when she wanted more of something. I really worked with her on saying more. One morning, she was screaming for more at breakfast–only it was just screaming in a tantrum way.

I told her to sign more. I showed her more. I even attempted to take her hands to do more for her–the fit continued. I patiently waited while she had a little mini-tantrum over it. But she stood her stubborn ground and so did I. We left the breakfast table with her not getting more. 

This is easy for me to do with her because I know she eats enough; I am not worried about her food intake in the least. So it is easy for me to walk away. Also, I have been around the block a couple of times so I know a little pain on the front end leads to more happiness on the back end. My stubbornness paid off.

At lunch, she screamed for more, and I said, “Do you want more?” and signed more. She immediately signed more, and has done so since that day. The screaming has stopped and she signs more. If I am not looking at her, she will moan in conjunction with more. So one meal of me standing my ground led to weeks of peace at mealtime. 

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McKenna is really taking to liking to eat with spoon and fork. She wants one in her hand at all times, though she doesn’t always use it. She does really well with the Little Grips utensils I reviewed a few weeks ago. 


There isn’t anything extraordinary going on in the play department. She has independent play each day.

We still aren’t back into blanket time. Brayden starts school in a little over a week and life will slow down considerably. We will then be able to get everything back on track.


Sleeping is still going well. One night late in the two weeks, she woke crying at 9:30 PM. I went in to her and rocked her. I couldn’t tell any reason for her being up. She just was.

After I rocked her for about 20 minutes, she started trying to play with me, so I knew she was calmed down and okay. I sang her the bedtime song, tucked her in, and left. She was perfectly fine after that.


McKenna adds words every day. It might make you wonder why she doesn’t just say more, right? I guess she already has a way to communicate that 🙂 . She tries to repeat what I say and is saying at least one new word each day. I have gotten her to say “up”–but she says it “buh.” Brayden and Kaitlyn both did that at first, too. 

I think I might need to teach her to sign “help” like I did with Brayden. She does not have the extreme patience Kaitlyn had (and has), and will get frustrated and start to scream when something isn’t going how she envisioned it. She really has a lot of personality similarities to Brayden. 

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Speaking of that, one major way she is like Brayden is in her work ethic. She loves to help and is very good at it at a young age. Kaitlyn hasn’t always been big into cleaning. This might have a lot to do with my practices as a baby with each child. 

With Brayden, we lived in a studio and so I had no choice but to clean while he was awake. With Kaitlyn, we lived in a house, so I didn’t clean when she was awake–I just played. But I sensed that Kaitlyn’s lack of interest in cleaning had to do with her not seeing me clean much. 

So with McKenna, I tried to do more balance between cleaning and working while she was awake and playing. I think it worked.


We are coming closer to real fits. That breakfast situation might be able to be classified a real fit, except that she wasn’t having a fit the whole time. Most of the time she stared at me while I stared at her.

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I wanted to discuss her Eczema. In case you don’t know, McKenna has eczema. It appeared around November/December of last year. It went away when the snow went away. She still has no signs of it.

I am pretty positive it will come back in the winter. We live in such a dry climate that in the winter with a heater going, it really zaps the moisture from the air.

As an illustration, we use humidifiers. In the summer, I only have to fill them up about once a week. In the winter, though, I need to fill them up pretty much daily. That is the moisture difference in the air. 


McKenna is entering a stage in life that I dearly, dearly love. The stage of mimicking.

The child mimics so much in such an exaggerated way that you start to really notice the quirks of you, your spouse, your other children, and other people with close contact with the child.

She does everything she sees people do. I love it so much.


A strange thing happened at the park one day. I was at the park with a good friend. She has a daughter about 4 months older than McKenna. McKenna was off playing and my friend’s little girl decided to sit on me.

Well, McKenna did not like that at all. She screamed and came right over. She didn’t want another “baby” sitting on her Mommy. Then that Sunday at church, she scared a poor little boy when he tried to approach her food. She screamed at him, he stopped dead in his tracks, then wisely kept his distance.

This is a normal phase all kids go through, though most do it around 18 or so months old. She is a bit early. Brayden was right on time. Kaitlyn was late.


8:45-9:00–wake and eat breakfast. Music time. Bath. Go for a walk.
1:00–wake and eat lunch. Independent play.
5:00-5:30–wake and eat dinner. Various activities.



16.5 month old pretoddler schedule and daily routine pinnable image

3 thoughts on “McKenna Pre-Toddler Summary: 16.5 Months Old”

  1. Thanks for writing these. As I have commented before, I have a son who is 4 months behind in age and its really helpful for me to see another mother's thought process and child's development.Question: If you put her bedtime sooner, do you think she'd wake sooner? My son is tired now at supper time (5:30) and then we do bath (6 PM) and settled down to be in his room at 7 PM. I think it seems too early, but logically he is just that tired. He wakes on his own between 6 and 6:45 AM. Then he needs a nap by 9 AM and 1 PM. Do you think this is just the way this child is, or do you think I could alter his schedule to be similar to your daughters? I really would like the time in the morning to get ready for my day and feel peaceful before starting up full force!

  2. Thanks in advance for any other mothers' opinions… and I am aware that it sounds selfish for my child to wake and sleep on my terms, but I am trying to consider everyone's needs in our family, even mine!

  3. With McKenna, I think basically no matter what time she goes to bed, she will wake at the same time in the morning. She might even sleep in if it is later.But with Brayden, no matter what time bedtime is, he is usually up at his normal wake time. 7 AM was all I could get from him for a long, long time. In the winter when he was about 1.5 and older, I could get him to 7:15 and I thought I was in Heaven. This last winter, he sometimes did as late as 8. I don't know what came over him 🙂 But most of the time, he is up and in my room by 7:10, which is as early as he is allowed out of his room. I don't know what time he wakes up, but that is the time he is in my room. That is just him. Even one weekend this summer we had a family reunion and he was in a room with his cousins and they were up until after midnight. 7 AM, he was up bright and early. I have always been the same way, too.So, for people like Brayden and me, it is just best that bedtime starts when it should because morning waketime is going to start when it will no matter what. That way, we are all well-rested 🙂


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