Nighttime Sleep: 9-15 Weeks Old

    Okay, first of all, if your newborn is not sleeping at least 7 hours at night, I want you to just close the post and walk away. Don’t… View Post

Understanding Flexibility

image source     On Becoming Babywise has a section in the book aimed at helping you to understand how to apply flexibility to your daily life (starting on page… View Post

Newborn Evening Feeding Schedule

  Many times, new parents worry about feeding baby “too often” when following a routine or schedule. Page 115 in On Becoming Babywise (affiliate link) talks about different reasons you might… View Post

Newborns at Night: Wake After 5 Hours

  It is hard to wake a sleeping newborn, and at no time is it harder than in the middle of the night. On Becoming Babywise  (affiliate link) states “do… View Post

“I’m Flexible”

  I am sure most of you see or hear someone say “I’m flexible” quite often when discussing schedules. Many times, what people mean by this is that they are… View Post

Newborns and Waketime: A Slow Process

I know few things stress people out more than newborns and trying to get them onto the routine they are hoping to achieve. For most newborns, one of the hardest… View Post

Adding Baby To The Family: A Balanced Approach

On Becoming Baby Wise talks about the importance of the marriage relationship as well as the family dynamic. Chapter One is titled “Your Baby Needs A Family.” Adding baby to a… View Post