Babywise and Twins: Consistency Wins

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The Key Element To Starting a Routine

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Babywise and Adoption

I have two daughters. My oldest is 3 and my youngest is 10 months. They were both adopted at birth. My youngest was born addicted to methadone and she had… View Post

Integrating Skills

A great thing about the book Parenting the Strong Willed Child is that it has a how-to chapter to give parentse ideas on how to integrate the skills they have… View Post

Index: Consistency

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The More You Do It, The More Your Child Will Get Used To It

Your baby or child can learn to be flexible and adapt to life’s different situations, but you have to expose your child to things to get there.  No matter what… View Post

Importance of Consistent Bedtime

Importance of Consistent Bedtime. Why having a consistent bedtime is vital and the impact of having bedtime vary or be less than ideal. Having a consistent bedtime is very important… View Post