Adjusting for Context Using Babywise

How to be flexible when using On Becoming Babywise. Eleven examples of a Babywise Mom adjusted for context when the situation needed. On Becoming Babywise II reminds us of the… View Post

Avoid Legalism

Moral precept number six in On Becoming Childwise is to Avoid Legalism When Giving Instructions. Let’s start with an explanation of what Legalism is. Legalism is viewing everything as either… View Post

Evaluating and Teaching Context

Our last moral precept discussion from On Becoming Childwise was on teaching Why. That idea spills over in our topic for today: context. Have you ever given your child an… View Post

Index: Context

Adjusting for Context: Public Behavior :

Principles of Instruction

On Becoming Babywise II lists five principles to keep in mind when you are giving instruction to your child (pages 89-90). These principles apply with your baby and on up… View Post

Considerations for Correction

On Becoming Babywise II lists four considerations you should take into account before deciding which method of correction to use (page 87). They are: How common is this particular offense?… View Post

Public Behavior

Going out in public can sometimes seem like a scary adventure. Children are unpredictable, and you never know what they are going to do while you are out in the… View Post