In Action: Moving to a Toddler Bed

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In Action: Looking to Self First

The first Sunday of last February, Brayden had a really bad day as far as behavior goes. It was the worst of his life thus far. He was disobedient, defiant,… View Post

In Action: Benefits of Babywise III

The benefits of Babywise in real life application. I often have experiences that show me in extreme ways the benefits of Babywise principles. Last Thursday night was another one of… View Post

In Action: Adjusting Schedule as Needed

As I mentioned earlier, Brayden had surgery last week. The nature of his bandaging on his hand is that he cannot get it wet at all. Because of this, I… View Post

In Action: Dropping the Morning Nap

When do babies drop to one nap. How to drop the morning nap and what it looks like with a Babywise baby. How to make the transition to one nap smooth.… View Post

In Action: Benefits of Babywise II

The other night we went to dinner as a family. The restaurant was rather busy. It seems restaurants try to sit children in booths (at least that has been my… View Post

Change Your Parenting Strategy

Change Your Strategy. Examples of what it looks like to change your strategy to make parenting easier. When things aren’t working, try something different. The fact that I write these… View Post