A Good Heart

My Kaitlyn is a sweet heart with a good heart. She is amazingly maternal. She offers guests drinks and invites them in to sit down. She makes sure everyone has… View Post

In Action: I Goofed

Yeah. I make mistakes too. I really goofed on Sunday. I know it makes a lot of you feel really good when you hear about me messing up, so I… View Post

In Action: Training In Non-Conflict plus Ask & Tell

We recently took another trip to the dentist. As a child, I never minded the dentist. I even liked the dentist. As a mother, I hate the dentist. Our pediatric… View Post

In Action: Remaining Calm For Discipline

I wanted to share a tender moment Brayden and I had the other day. Kaitlyn came to me crying because Brayden pushed her finger. It definitely wasn’t a situation that… View Post

How I Make Homemade Baby Food

Tips to make homemade baby food at home for your little baby. Easily make nutritious food for your baby at home. Read for all of the tips. I wouldn’t consider… View Post

Cry It Out Sleep Training in Action

Read all about how the process of cry it out went for this three month old baby and how she went to peacefully falling asleep independently. I recently went through… View Post

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