Chronicles of a Babywise Mom Log eBook

I have something exciting! I have created a book of logs. I have spent many, many hours over several months making these logs.  In this book I have: Daily log… View Post

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Keep a Log in the Good Times

I have talked about keeping a log while problem solving (see log ). I wanted to point out the value of keeping a log during the “good times” too. Your… View Post

In Action: Dropping the Morning Nap

Kaitlyn has dropped her morning nap! I really love it when the child goes down to one nap a day. I know it sounds crazy, but those who have experienced… View Post

Problem Solving Tip: Detailed Log

How to solve baby nap problems by keeping notes I have created a book of logs you can buy here. See more products in my Shop. I always recommend to… View Post

Babywise Tips and Tricks: Keep a Log

my logs I wanted to throw out an idea for something to make life a little easier for you and your subsequent children. I would keep some sort of log… View Post