Should You Correct for Attitude?

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Self-Control: A Foundational Virtue

    Sometimes, training our children, from baby to older child (and I am sure pre-teen and teen) is exhausting. Sometimes it seems it would just be easier to just… View Post

Immediate Happiness Is Not The End Goal

Hmmm….strange title. What do I mean happiness is not the end goal? Oh, I am glad you asked. Let me elaborate. “…childrearing gets reduced to avoidance of all negative emotions… View Post

Reader Discipline Questions

Public Behavior elle said… i went out last weekend wif my girlfriends. each of us bringing our chlid. my daughter is 14 months old and is a very active child.… View Post

Hand Folding: Establishing Self-Control

In Toddlerwise, it talks about the idea of hand folding. This is referred to as self-control training with hands. “When you begin to see those early signs that your kids… View Post