Why Teach Virtue?

  Virtue almost seems a little antiquated. Maybe a lot antiquated. I mean, some of you might not really know how to define virtue. And if you can’t even define… View Post

Teaching Virtue and the Importance of YOU

Childwise Principle #8 is:   “To teach a virtue, one example (you) is better than a thousand lectures” ( On Becoming Childwise , page 92).   Parental example is vitally important… View Post

It Starts With You

Last week, we talked about the moral precept of teaching what is right, not just what is wrong. I talked about sharing examples with your children when correcting of family… View Post

Teach What is Right, Not Just What is Wrong

If you got to an intersection and you didn’t know the way, but turned North and I said, “Don’t go that way!” and reprimanded you for it, would you know… View Post

Teaching Charity

image source     This is the big one. Charity is pure love–specifically the pure love of Christ. It is having pure love, concern, and compassion for everyone.   Charity… View Post

Self-Control: A Foundational Virtue

    Sometimes, training our children, from baby to older child (and I am sure pre-teen and teen) is exhausting. Sometimes it seems it would just be easier to just… View Post