Eating Solids: A New Skill

Kaitlyn’s first taste of fruit.      “One would think that eating comes as naturally as breathing. Not so for infants. Introducing solids requires a new skill level from your… View Post

Pre-Toddler Mealtime Milestones

  The Pre-Toddler age range is a time when you start to give up many things at meal time and let your “baby” take over. There are also things that… View Post

Poll Results: At what age did you have your child start feeding self with a spoon?

12-13 months 71 (37%) 14 months 29 (15%) 15 months 21 (11%) 16 months 15 (8%) 17-18 months 22 (11%) 19 months or older 29 (15%) Total of 187 votes… View Post

When Does a Toddler Master Spoon Skills

Inside: When Does a Toddler Master Spoon Skills. When to expect at toddler to be able to eat well from a spoon. Your baby is either at or approaching 12 months… View Post

When Will a Baby Master Eating From the Spoon?

This post is in reference to using a spoon when you are first starting solids, somewhere around 4-6 months. Babywise says it takes three days to master using a spoon.… View Post