McKenna Preteen Summary: 11.75 Years Old

Daily life and schedule for an 11.75 year old tween girl. Learn about common concerns that come up with the preteen age group. This covers 11 years 6 months old through 11 years 9 months old.

McKenna 11.75 years old

This is a summary for McKenna from 11.5-11.75 years old. 


Sleep is great! We haven’t had any changes to sleep. McKenna likes to sleep and doesn’t have any troubles with sleeping.

She does say she has times when she worries when she is falling asleep. You might remember that she has had troubles a few years ago with feeling anxious. She learned some good coping techniques and works through those worries at night easily now.

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McKenna has continued to grow and is now taller than I am. Three months ago, she was my height. We haven’t done an exact measurement, but I would guess she is 1.5-2 inches taller than I am.

This is a really exciting time for me because McKenna has always been really tall for her age and I have always been super curious about how tall she would be when she finished growing. My curiosity is finally starting to be be satisfied, though she isn’t done growing yet.


McKenna ended up injuring her sesamoid bone in her foot. This can be a really big deal.

She never had a moment of injury where it was obvious that caused the injury. The doctor asked her a series of questions trying to figure out how she had injured it as she had.

In the end, he and I have decided she injured it because her feet grew so fast an her soccer cleats were too small. She didn’t say anything because that is how she is (she literally busted shoes open when she was 3-4. She didn’t even complain at that age).

So with the pressure from small cleats and the copious amounts of soccer she as playing, it stressed it enough that it damaged it.

She didn’t even tell me it hurt. She was just limping around and I asked what was wrong. She had taped it all up. I took her to the doctor just to be safe because McKenna has a high pain tolerance.

That led to her getting x-rays and an MRI. In the end, she has been in a boot since early October and hopes to get out by the end of January. She was also non-weightbearing and on crutches for 8 weeks.


The doctor is the type who can nail personalities quickly. He asked her if she feels bad when her parents spend money on her, and she said yes. He said next time, tell her parents the cleats are too small, because $100 on cleats is a lot less money than an x-ray, MRI, and doctor visits.

The take-away here for you all (and me) is to always check your kid’s shoes! Especially around growth spurts. Most kids will be vocal about shoes being too small, which is a good thing.

McKenna is a mover and always has been. She has had moments of being down and depressed to be so immobilized. She is a very optimistic person, and she makes the best of it, but she cannot wait to “run as fast as I can.”


Most of this period was spent on crutches. Because of that, she couldn’t do a lot. She did still go to soccer practice at least once a week so she could stay engaged with the team.

She is also still taking piano lessons over zoom. She has made incredible progress in a short time.


Here is McKenna’s schedule for this time.

6:40 AM–Wake up. Get ready for school.
8:40 AM–Leave for school.
3:00 PM–Get home from school. Homework if there is any. Then chores and free time.
5:00 PM–Dinner.
8:15 PM–Start to get ready for bed.
8:45 PM–Bedtime.

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