Brinley Preteen Summary: 11.75 Years Old

Daily life and schedule for an 11.75-year-old tween who was raised on Babywise. See her daily life, the activities she is involved in, and her daily routine.

Brinley as Peter Pan with Valerie

This is a summary for Brinley from 11.5 to 11.75 years old.


Sleeping is continuing on with no issues. We have worked this year to make sure she can wake up with an alarm. She will be going to school much earlier next year, so I want her to be able to wake up independently. It has gone well!


Eating is pretty good. She has no interest to seek out vegetables. There is a big nutrition section in seventh grade that really inspired all of my kids to be even healthier. I am hoping it will inspire her to just want to eat vegetables without me reminding her to.

For my other kids, they did things like cut sugar from their life and read labels to check for hydrogenated oil. Our bar is a bit lower this time around.


Brinley has always been someone who feels emotions in a big way. She loves big but also gets upset big. She can be really moody at times. She can respond in ways that seem like she is mad after she is corrected (she is more dealing with her emotions of being frustrated with herself for needed to be corrected). We haven’t had an emotional or moody tween or preteen before, so this is all new for us.

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School is good! She is enjoying her class and enjoying school. She is feeling nervous to go to middle school next year. It really isn’t a favorite time of schooling for the vast majority of everyone, so she worries about it.


Soccer has been good. She likes her team. Nate is going to take over coaching he team next year (which starts June 1). She is excited to have her dad coach her.


Orchestra has been great! She loves her teacher and has fun with her friends. She has decided NOT to pursue orchestra in middle school, though. You have to take it all year and it takes up all of your electives, so she wanted to do other things.


Piano is good. She is continuing to be get better at playing.


She had a lot of fun in the school musical! If your child ever has a chance to participate in a musical, I highly recommend it. There is something about it that brings kids together and they build life-long friendships.


We had our 2024 family vacation during this time. We went back to Univeral Studios Orlando. The girls loved it when we went back in 2019, and Brayden prefers to go to new places. This was the perfect year to repeat the trip since he is gone. Brinley loved it there. It is a really fun vacation spot for tweens and teens. Read about it here.


We tried a new brush during this time period. Brinley has always had very snarly hair that tangles easily. This brush works so well! It is our favorite we have ever tried. It is called Tangles B Gone (affiliate link). It really is the best.

I asked her what she likes about it. It is very simple:

-Doesn’t hurt my head. This is the first brush that hasn’t hurt!
-It gets out all of the tangles really nicely.
-It also smoothes my hair out.

You can read our review here.


Here is a typical daily schedule.

7:00 AM – wake up and get ready for school.
8-9 AM – at school. The time varies depending on if it is an orchestra day or not.
4:00 PM – home. Piano practice. Chores. Activities. Play.
5:30 PM – dinner. Then free time and technology time.
8:00 PM – get ready for bed. She showers every night as part of her bedtime routine.
8:30-9:30 PM – bedtime.


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