McKenna Teen Summary: 13.5 Years Old

Daily life and schedule for a 13.5year old teen girl. Learn about common concerns that come up with the teenage group. This covers 13.25 years old through 13.5 years old.

13.5 year old McKenna after a soccer tournament

This is a summary for McKenna from 13 years and 3 months old to 13 years and 6 months old.


Sleep is going well. There isn’t anything major to report. Part of this time was during the summer and part was during the school year.

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One thing we have done with McKenna is make sure she has a time in the day when her access to devices turns off for the night. She easily gets distracted by tech and loses herself in it. The best way to control that at the moment is to put a “bedtime” on the devices that just automatically happens.

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Summer was great! It was quite busy and we were going a lot, but she had a lot of fun and also made good progress on personal goals.


School has been in a little over a month and it si going very well! This year she is in eighth grade, which is the oldest grade in the middle school. She has good friends and enjoys school.

She is a good student and does not struggle with school, so overall things are good for her at school right now.


Last time, I shared some difficulties with soccer. Difficulties that were actually good things.

Things have gone so well!

Her coach had told her he would bring on guest goalies for tournaments and season games. So far this fall, there hasn’t been a guest goalie at games.

He told her he was doing that so she would have competition and work hard (which was so smart and we thought so at the time).

She really worked really hard all summer. She put in a lot of effort and improved more in the last few months than she had in the previous 12. To be fair, a year ago she was coming off of being injured for 9 months…that takes time to come back from.

Even so, she stepped it up big time this summer and looks amazing.

She has had fun playing for her team and has guest played for a couple of other teams in tournaments and had fun with those.

With the mental intensity that comes with being a keeper, I also started taking her to see a sports therapist late in August. She has been a few times and has really enjoyed it.

Earlier this year, Stanford’s goalie took her own life. I am sure there is a lot that contributed to it, but the incident has left me very aware of the pressure keepers face.

They say 90% of the game is mental. I want McKenna to have all the tools she needs to handle this very difficult position. I can’t recommend it enough!


You may remember that McKenna has needed to have her 7th grade vaccinations administered slowly at the allergy clinic. She had an allergic reaction to a flu shot several years ago.

I am happy to report that this summer, she finished her final vaccination! She is now all caught up.


McKenna wanted to visit the eye doctor to check her eyes. Her vision was bothering her. One of her eyes is perfect and the other is just barely fuzzy.

They gave her some contacts to try. She can wear one in the one eye. She has worn them and likes it, but she doesn’t always remember to put it in. She was a pro in learning how to put them in. She got it on her second try…I think it took me about an hour!

I am not sure what she will do long-term.


During this time, McKenna had soccer, piano, and a musical. I discussed soccer above.


Piano is going well and she continues to improve. Piano is not her favorite thing ever–she isn’t like Brayden and Kaitlyn where she loves to sit at the piano and just play. But she does go to the piano more as she gets better.

McKenna writes some songs and does a great job. She definitely compares herself to Kaitlyn and so she hesitates to really get into it, but she does well!


McKenna tried out for the musical at her school and got a main part. She is playing the Cat in Seussical the Musical Jr. It really fits her well. She has really enjoyed doing the musical so far?


Accutane is going well so far. It works well, but all of the appointments are a lot. We have to go every month. You have to pick up your medicine within 6 days of being at the doctor, but you have to go home first and answer questions online. It is just a lot and you have to stay right on top of it.

She has adjusted to life being dry. That was hard for her as she got used to it, but now she is okay.


Here is the daily schedule. I will share her school schedule and her summer schedule.

6:00 AM-Get up and get ready
7:00 AM-Go to school
3:10 PM-Get home from school (unless it is musical rehearsal)
5:00 PM-Dinner. Family time. Homework. Chores. Piano practice. Activities. She often has a soccer practice or a game.
9:00 PM-Get ready for bed
9:30 PM-In bed

8:00 AM–Average wake up time. She has soccer and piano in the mornings most mornings. If she has nothing, I will let her sleep until 9 AM.
12:00 PM–Lunch
5:00 PM–Dinner
10:00 PM–Bedtime


13.5 year old schedule and routine pinnable image

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  1. Thanks for sharing your kids’ schedules! I always enjoy them.

    You know what I would love to see a post about? What family routines look like as your kids get older, especially weekends! Is most of your weekend time spent in church and kids’ activities? We do church on Sundays, but my kids don’t really have any weekend activities (nor do we have the money really to get them in anything else). I would love fresh weekend-inspiration for older elementary/middle schoolers. =)

    • I will do a post or include it in future updates. We do a lot of kids activities most Saturdays. We do church on Sunday. We are a more strict Sabbath people, so we don’t spend money. We do church, a family church lesson at home, family dinner, and a family activity or game. We rotate each week who gets to choose the activity. We sometimes do extended family gatherings on Sunday. When life was slower, we would choose 1-2 people each week to go visit in our neighborhood on a Sunday. We would take them treat and visit for a bit. That was fun.

      For Saturdays, we do chores on Saturday. Before we had a lot of activities on Saturdays, we would do different activities that are local. We would visit different parks, hikes…I would think of free or inexpensive things you can do. Our kids loved visiting different parks that were not in our town but were in the valley. But don’t overlook something simple like having a family movie night in every Saturday. Kids love traditions and they don’t need things to be fancy.


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