Kaitlyn Teen Summary: 14.5 Years Old

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Kaitlyn 14.5 years old with her dog


Eating was great. An impressive thing Kaitlyn did was she decided to go off of sugar. She loves sweets, so this is a big deal for her. She wanted to be healthier and felt like she was turning to sweets too often.

Brayden has also done this from time to time. I love that my kids are self-aware and that they have the ability to exercise self-control. I credit the foundation of their childhood with things like independent playtime and having rules and expectations for their ability to make hard goals and keep them.


Sleeping is all going well.


Things with the puppy are good. Kaitlyn is very good at training her and to date, she can sit, lay, shake, roll over, and stay.

The puppy has of course turned into a lot of work for me simply because of school. When the kids are at school, I am on puppy duty. We are also bound by puppy needs and puppy schedule, so we have less freedom (much like when you have a baby or toddler).


The first part of this time period was the end of summer. It was fun!


Kaitlyn is a freshman now and has officially started high school. She is loving it. She loves the environment and the activities. She feels like everyone is so nice and there is not any of the immaturity that exists in middle school.


Kaitlyn started reffing soccer (competitive games). Brayden has been doing this for years and makes great money.

It is a fantastic job for a teenager. They are able to accept or reject games, so they can choose games that work with their schedule.

She has always been resistant to the idea because frankly, parents can be jerks. So far she has only done games as an AR (sideline official). They typically do not get yelled at like center refs do.

Most of her high level games have been with Brayden as the center ref. He is a very good ref, so his games typically do not get a lot of yelling and screaming. She had one game where someone started yelling at her, but Brayden stopped that very quickly.

He is a very protective person, so he won’t let his ARs be yelled at in general, but it was also his sister, so no messing.


During this time period, Kaitlyn continued to play soccer and take piano lessons. Both things went well! Kaitlyn still writes a lot of songs and gets better and better all the time.


Here is her schedule for this time period.

6:00 AM Get up and get ready for school
7:30 AM Leave to go to school
3:00 PM Get home from school
5:30 PM Dinner (typically)
10:00 PM Time to turn in devices and go to bed

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