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Baby Whisperer: Skills of a Good Parent

In Secrets of the Baby Whisperer, Tracy Hogg gives some advice for how to be a good parent. Here are some tips along with some of my own commentary. These tips are found on page 11.
  • Be respectful of your baby. Treat your baby with respect and like a human, not a doll.
  • Know your baby as an individual. Even as a newborn, you can know a lot about the personality of your baby. Also, know the baby you have, not the baby you dreamed you would have.
  • Talk with, not at, your baby. This is often something that parents feel silly about. It requires silence and wait time. Any teacher knows this concept. When you ask a question, you need to be silent and allow those you asked time to process the question and respond. Talking with your baby rather than at your baby is easier once your baby becomes more interactive.
  • Listen to your baby and meet his needs. Slow down and learn to listen to your baby.
  • Offer dependability, structure, and predictability. This is something most Babywise parents do.
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